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Magic Lantern Firmware Now Available for Canon T2i/550D

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Happy Chriskwanzakuh! Here’s a free present courtesy Tramm Hudson, who has released the much-anticipated Magic Lantern hacked firmware for the Canon T2i/550D, which allows for higher-bitrate h.264 encoding, live zebra stripe and histogram displays, cropmarks, and onscreen audio meters. There’s also apparently a version for the Canon 60D in the works (the original is for the 5D only; no word on the 7D at this time). Here’s a look at the T2i firmware version 1.0.9 (which is not “final,” but is a release candidate) from Renny Hayes:

Complete features are listed below. Keep in mind this is pre-release firmware and may still have some bugs:

  • GUI menus: press the ERASE button to display them
  • Bit rate control (QScale parameter) for the H.264 encoder
  • Zebra stripes for overexposed / underexposed areas
  • Spotmeter, histogram
  • Cropmarks (16:9, Cinemascope, Fisheye)
  • Simple intervalometer
  • Trap Focus: camera takes a picture when something comes in focus
  • Wireless trigger with the LCD face sensor & your own hand
  • AE bracketing (like on 5D2 ML)
  • Rack focus
  • Stack focus (Live View only)
  • Lens data computation
  • Onscreen audio meters
  • Manual audio gain, selectable input source, disable AGC and digital filters
  • Display time remaining during video recording
  • Debug functions (display CMOS temperature, screenshot, logging)

The “official” video from Hudson:

Link: Magic Lantern Wikia T2i/550D Wikia Page

[via Philip Bloom]


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  • As a 550D user I’m incredibly happy that this is out.
    My thanks to Tramm Hudson and the rest of the Magic Lantern development team.

  • has anyone ever bricked their DSLR? I hear it’s a possibility but have never found someone that had?

  • @Ryan P
    There have been some “close calls”, but no one has bricked one. I have it installed with the latest updates and although it’s not perfect it is, nonetheless, an excellent upgrade. All the new features make the camera worth MUCH more than I paid. I’m very happy! Merry Christmas!!!

  • thanks for the feedback all, I will proceed with the upgrade!

  • this is awesome!

  • Installed the 22nd Dec version a couple of days ago. Its working great!

    • I have installed the 22nd Dec version last week and sometimes the screen goes blank and I have to remove the battery or memory card to bring it back. Has anyone else had this problem on there T2i?

      • Jakob Dall on 07.3.11 @ 4:16AM

        I have the same problem as Michael DaSilva with the LCD going black. Dos any one have a fix?

  • I’ve got a 5D so I can’t test it out myself, but I’m glad to hear it’s working for folks…

  • Paolo Tramannoni on 12.26.10 @ 8:14PM

    This is really a wonderful Xmas gift. It is like having a new, more powerful and useful camera. Thank you very much Renny!

  • Hey what do u guys think is the better cam between 550d and 60d after this firmware hack has been out?
    Apart from considering 60d’s build factor…that is
    Is 60d worth the extra cash?

  • What I’m wondering is how to now best set up my Juiced Link DT454. I just figured out how to set it up to use the AGC Disable feature, which becomes unnecessary, right?

  • This is killer. The audio meters and AGC defeat make the t2i a whole new piece. As someone who records live concerts in everything from concert halls to dive bars, this is a really big deal. Of course I use a dual system setup for audio, but a good board mix is not always available. This is going on my camera TONIGHT.

  • So I wonder how Canon will react to this? Would it be too much to ask that they actually listen to what their customers want… jumping through hoops and dodging every obstacle that they set up instead of focusing on making their cameras as good as possible…

    I would SO love cinemascope crop-marks for both record and playback-modes… I would consider hazarding this hacked firmware just for that feature. But I’ll have to wait for a 7D port… or Canon getting their act together for once…

    • “Canon getting their act together for once?” They did create this whole HDSLR revolution, I would call that getting their act together. No, they haven’t trotted out a whole lot of new video features in the last two years (since — yes — getting their act together and giving us manual audio and 24p), but you can bet we’ll see a lot of new video features on DSLR/video hybrids in the months/years to come.

      • Well said Koo

        Loving my 7D and a big thank you to Canon for producing the gear in the first place. If they can figure out how to deal with the overheating issue and the file length to get us some long recording times for those who do events it would be perfect. (I kinda envision a hardware hack like some kind of external co2 charged cooling system for the chip like a kind of radiator and a hack on the software for the file size. Anyone up for making that happen?? LOL)

  • Cracked Firmware for 500D anyone?? :(

  • Can anyone explain to me what exactly this “rack focus” feature does?

  • is this legall?

    • yeah, does adding ML void your warranty?

    • It’s completely legal. I’m not sure if it voids your warranty or not though, due to the fact that it sets one NVRAM flag, which can be set back. Check the Magic Lantern web site for details.

  • Hey,

    i wrote down my first experiences with the ML Firmware and the Canon 550D. I’ve also two small clips online , which demonstrate the rack focus. Although my page is in german you might want to check it out. You can even try to translate it with google translator. Sometimes the english language looks like crap or will make you ROFL :)

    But i think you’ll get the main facts:

    I hope you like it :)

  • This is a great news. Big thanks to Magic Lantern. I hope in future they will include the intermediate iso as well.

  • I am soooo pleased with this. I think the 550d is an awesome camera, everything I felt it was lacking has now been fixed, I like actually like how light it is. I love this new firmware from ML. The Qscale still needs some work and yes I would like more info on the rack focus, but currently I think I am better off with a 550d than a 7d and this way I have £500 pounds more to spend on lenses.

  • saltnpepper on 03.28.11 @ 10:59AM

    Hello, i want to know how to install this firmware by ML but i want add that i have updated my firmware before . it’s still 1.06 vers. i have the fear of one doesn’t do it right you might disable one’s camera. so please help me out here

  • It was mentioned earlier, but this really makes me wonder how Canon feels about the scale being tipped in terms of classing its DSLR range. Would I be going out on a limb to say the 550D with ML is now a ‘better’ camera than at least the slightly more expensive 60D? I dont necessarily think ML is well known enough to the entire consumer market to completely veto sales of the 60D for this fact. But, what if? Also, as ML (and Canon itself, to a degree) attempts to shape these cameras more into actual video cameras, how does it effect sales and usage of Canon’s camcorder range? Are we gonna see larger sensors, like the Sony F3, soon?

    There’s so many questions about the immediate future here, its very exciting.

  • Wow, stumbled across this today and boy does it bring back memories. I’ve been using Magic Lantern on the T2i since ML came out for it. It’s been so neat to see the development over the past almost two years. With each release I think, “They can’t possibly improve this” and each time they prove me wrong. For me, the big excitement was crop marks. Up until ML, I was shooting my last feature with permanent marker lines drawn on a screen protector. Having them digital was just a miracle! Thank you Alex and the rest of the ML team for your hard work!

  • Do you know of a hack that will allow the 550D/T2i to control a flash wirelessly?