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Apple Brings Video Editing to the iPad 2 with Touchscreen iMovie

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Thinner, lighter, and faster — per usual. Apple’s iPad 2 offers a number of updates from the first-gen gadget, including a dual-core A5 processor, magnetic “smart” cover, and biracial availability (it comes in white now, too). Shipping March 11th, the deuce also introduces a number of video-centric features: not just one but two cameras (front- and rear-facing), and it also premieres for the first time on the iPad Apple’s consumer video editing program, iMovie.

The iPad 2 can now shoot 720p video at 30fps from the rear-facing camera, and VGA (640×480) video from the front-facing lens (which allows one to video conference FaceTime). It’s also got an HDMI output, for mirroring the iPad’s display on a HDTV or computer monitor. But the HDMI port is reportedly only an output, so one the most sensible potential uses for an iPad — as an on-set monitor — is still impossible for filmmakers. Personally I had my fingers crossed for a higher resolution display and a Thunderbolt connection, but perhaps those will have to wait until the iPad 3. The Thunderbolt connection, to me at least, makes too much sense to not migrate to the iPad, given it’s both a high-speed data pipe and a mini DisplayPort. And Apple could ensure Thunderbolt’s success almost singlehandedly by including it on millions of iPads.

Here’s Apple’s marketing video; FaceTime and iMovie are featured starting around 2:30 in.

iMovie, apparently, requires too much horsepower for the A4 chip in the first-gen iPad, so it’s an iPad 2, iPhone 4, and 4G iPod Touch exclusive. Here are a couple of looks at the new iMovie touchscreen interface:

It’s certainly not going to replace Final Cut Pro, but I suppose filmmakers could use an iPad on-set to demo a rough edit. And as iOS features continue to trickle up to OS X, one does wonder if there’s a future for touch-based NLEs.

What do you think of the new iPad — if you have the first-gen, does it offer enough to justify an upgrade, and if you don’t have one, was this enough to put you over the edge? Any use for the new iMovie?

[via Engadget]


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  • Josh Danger on 03.2.11 @ 4:55PM

    Don’t know if it’s something I’d use actively in filmmaking, but for $4.99 it seems like fun. More interested in seeing if this could be a prelude to a, say, $9.99-$14.99 Final Cut app made to coordinate with the new Final Cut Studio that’s supposed to come out this Spring. It could be just a simplified editor with an interface similar to FCP that would edit smaller, exported versions of the files on your workstation (the way FCP exports to Color or Motion, but smaller — you wouldn’t need it to be full HD for this) to your iPad for the cutting (you wouldn’t need filters or keying or any bells and whistles — you could do that on FCP later), and then the changes could be applied to your full project when you return to the computer later on. It’d be a great way to edit on set, keep working in ANY environment when you’re not at your workstation, or anything else. An editor can dream, anyway… (sigh)

    • Or you could just use your laptop, with thunderbolt for editing? I think the Ipad is for production (slates, story board, calculators, and such). The biggest thing is the 1080p output for presentations and such.

      • Josh Danger on 03.14.11 @ 1:33PM

        Well hey, you “could just use your laptop” for iMovie, too. I’m not saying NOT having a FCP app on the iPad would keep anyone from editing while away from their workstation, just that it would be a nifty addition to the FCP bundle and the iPad 2.

  • Being a shameless addict to the Apple effect I must confess the thought of selling a cheap lens or two crossed my mind the moment I saw “the deuce” appear on Apple’s website.

    An interesting side note — film related/budget conscious —
    I use the iPad daily to read scripts, view RSS feeds, to write outlines, as a slate, to create shooting calendars, as an expensive paperweight, etc… I use it at least 100x more than my iPhone 4 now. The former cost a one time fee of $550 (it’s wifi only). The latter has cost me over $3000 over the past three years.

    And my wife has one too.

    If you’re like me and you have two of these puppies you’re averaging a little over $2k a year on your cell phone bill alone! Personally, that’s $2k I’d much rather see going towards a crew or a RED rental or the new FCS that some of us are waiting on.

    Either way I much rather talking to someone in person or texting them quickly rather than dialing, getting their voicemail, them calling me back but I miss their call because I don’t have a signal, me calling them back – you get the idea. Is it true you can text using an iPad app these days?

    Which makes me wonder…
    If you’ve always got wifi and an iPad with a texting app do you really need a phone? Just a little food for thought while I pay another $3000 to AT&T over the next year and a half.

  • Is this an update to the existing iPhone iMovie app I’ve already bought and used? I’m extra excited if it is.

  • So what’s the best way to get video into an ipad 2 for editing if it doesn’t have a usb port / thunderbolt… Do you really have to hook it up to your computer using the 30 pin dock connector, or download all footage via wifi or bluetooth??? Sort of defeats the purpose of being a mobile solution if that’s the case. I know apple makes adapters for the 30 pin port, but can you actually hook a drive up to it?

  • I came across this website that is currently paying out about 50% of the orginal cost for 1st gen iPads which you could use the money from toward the V2. Just tought I’s share. Thanks for all the great info NFS! I’m a loyal (daily) reader but until now have never commented. Here’s the link

  • I bought the iMovie app for the new iPad thinking I could make short little videos with existing footage I shot with a FlipCam. WRONG! After hours of messing with it and scouring online forums it seems that you can only use video shot with the iPad itself. What a ripoff. How long until we get an FCP app for iPad? Now that would be cool!

  • sir i want to take this touch screen software plz avail me or give me the permesion that i could download this soft ware

  • the minute apple ports FCPX over to the iPad2 things will get really interesting.

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