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Behind the Scenes on a Slick DSLR-Shot Trailer for a Best Selling Book

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I’ve recommended Tim Ferriss’ productivity/outsourcing/time-management book The 4-Hour Workweek here in the past, and Tim has since published a rebel health/fitness book, The 4-Hour Body. The former is more relevant to independent creatives than the latter, but for the new book Tim hired filmmaker Adam Patch to produce a slick video trailer, and the behind-the-scenes post is full of insights for anyone looking to create a promotional video (or any video, for that matter). Comparing the rough cut of the trailer (shot on a Canon 7D and 5D Mark II) with the finished product (color corrected in Magic Bullet Looks) is pretty amazing:

Rough cut

Finished trailer

Adam Patch co-authors the post and shares some of his own insights. Here’s his post-production work on one shot in After Effects:

Check out Tim’s full post for the video’s budget, the original treatment, storyboards, music licensing travails, and many more behind-the-scenes details.

Link: Behind the Scenes: How to Make a Movie Trailer for Your Product (or Book)


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  • Hey, that was Brian Orosco at the end! Footage looks great!

  • Pretty cool on 03.30.11 @ 4:59PM

    Pretty cool. Cinematographically speaking.

    Story-wise. It wasn’t bad either.

    The super-hero landing at the end was kind of lame. I mean. You know he’s not the one who made the jump. So it ended up looking like a bad stunt double replacement.

    And of course, since that gag didn’t play well, the ultra serious look on the dude’s face (author) made me want to laugh.

  • sheikh nasir on 04.5.11 @ 6:27AM

    it is great for me.i learn lot of this,plez do more for us. thanks

  • I thought the video was great. I was already going to buy the book before i went to the site and saw the video. When I heard sevendust as the soundtrack I had to have the book. I’m a freak for Sevendust, what can I say. I thought the video was put together very well and was inspiring to me. I didn’t think the “stunt double” was supposed to be the author. Great work.

  • Ok, the author landing would have been lame. I see what you mean.