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Conan O'Brien's Editors Are Already Using Final Cut Pro X, with Disastrous Results

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Late night talk show host Conan O’Brien has a brave set of editors who aren’t afraid of unfamiliar workflows, as evidenced by their rapid transition to Final Cut Pro X. Here, members of Conan’s editing team show off the new magnetic timeline, title animation, audio synchronization, and color correction features of the much-debated program:

[via @FilmmakerMag]


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  • Saw this a little earlier…cheered me up. Seems like there has been far too much rage the last couple of days about this whole FCPX thing, so at the very least it’s good to know we’re all in this together and it isn’t the end of the world.

  • OMG that was funny! Sadly when the main stream makes fun of the software Apple must know they have a turd on their hand. I hope this kicks them into gear and they do FCPX justice.

  • OUCH! That will leave a mark…

  • Alec Sprinkle on 06.24.11 @ 9:55AM

    Ha ha ha! Awesome!

  • This is the New Coke of our industry. Will they make a comeback with Coke…er…Final Cut Classic?

  • Mickey Jones on 06.24.11 @ 10:29AM

    So funny! Best part was when the cheesy animated title shows up 10 seconds late.

  • This is becoming a pretty big story. Looking foreword to seeing apple’s next move.

  • I am disappointed that you have nothing better to do than slam a product.
    Final Cut Pro X is just a tool to make movies.
    If you do not like Final Cut Pro X, don’t use it.
    Was not this blog made with a passion for making movies and helping others to make movies no matter the training or budget?
    I will not follow this blog any longer.

    • It’s a joke, dude.

    • I think he’s just trying to sort of add a touch of humor so that everybody just chills out about this way overblown publicity flap. And BTW, Apple is the “slam-king” when it comes to badmouthing competitors, so a little bit of ego deflating once in a while is always healthy, usually enables someone to see what they did wrong and then run to fix it.

      You can expect a press release from Apple shortly spinning this all in a better light.

      Seeing as I haven’t used FCP in 8 years, I’ll be buying FCPX to do hobby projects while weighing it’s values as it certainly sounds like this version of the software has a few people gasping for air between plaudits on how it’s going to revolutionize the NLE industry, so it’s always best to be in the loop even if it isn’t your mainstream toolset.

    • dude, daniel CTFO i was laughing the whole video and I have a passion for making movies…

    • Daniel works for Apple.hahahahahahah

  • I don’t take this as the slam most other people seem to be taking it as. Sure there are some jabs but all in good fun; and again, yes, the absolute insane rage that people went on against this absolutely kills me; they are the most child-like, impatient responses i’ve ever seen from “professional” people. If they want a professional tool it wouldn’t hurt them to stop acting like 4 year olds

    • Adrian Jans on 06.24.11 @ 6:18PM

      Yeah, some people seem to be taking FCPX as a personal attack or something. I’m not going to argue that Apple didn’t drop the ball (some things look great, but some really basic functionality is missing). Just don’t use it yet, move over to Adobe or stick with 7. I sure am glad I didn’t buy it right away though….
      But I do think it will be good in time. Let’s hope that’s sooner than later.

  • Paolo Tramannoni on 06.24.11 @ 7:53PM

    This is off-topic, and I apologize for it. But – maybe someone knows what’s the place on the back of the news speaker?


  • Everyone bashing the bashers just doesn’t get it. Did you get to try the product before you bought it? No, Apple’s veil of secrecy was lifted just enough for FCPUG members to go, “OMGZ–total droolz!” Then we find out after nearly every professional bought the thing within hours of launch how lacking it was.

    Most professionals who fired it up and gave initial impressions even admitted they might be overreacting to the new setup. Then upon further inspection we all realized this tool is only for the one man show who doesn’t quite care about having a near flawless final product. This is now a budget tool for the budget set–not even 5D/7D shooters, but the Rebel and 60D set using EF-S lenses.

    The reason we all hate still using FCP7 is because it is toooo slow for today’s renders, effects and workflows. Apple was disingenuous in overpromising to keep people from jumping ship for performance. We could all be one year into the transition to Avid Media Composer or Premiere Pro rather than having held our breath for the answer to our prayers (a 64bit version of FCP with the ability to forget about transcoding). A facelift would have been nice, but doesn’t change your deliverables, so it is really a throw-away.

  • Love this video lol!! I don’t hate fcpx, but I just can’t use it right now. I’m sure I’ll be able to use it later though. I’m not mad at apple but I do wish they would’ve kept all the features of 7 & just added to them. Until it does what I need it to do, I’ll just keep using 7. No biggie.

  • They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and I’m wondering, while Apple is taking some hits from the professional editing community, if they’ll end up capitalizing on all of this free press.
    Conan’s piece (among many others) have mainstream America talking about FCPX! It’s already halfway to becoming the Kleenex of the video editing industry. Try asking the average guy on street about Premiere Pro or Avid, and they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ll bet all the publicity has also increased trial downloads of FCPX…

  • Eric Boslok on 06.27.11 @ 12:32AM


  • HAHA, thats why i edit on Avid!

  • I think I might be the only one who LIKES FCP X. I spent lots of time color correcting, and real time color correcting of the new version is huge!

  • The best part of this video is that only we editors REALLY understand its full humor. We’re such nerds. :^)

    • I don’t think so, this was a pretty general and simple video, it’s on COnan and I don’t think most of his audience are editors.

  • Link seems to be dead…
    Even on youtube…Darned copyright claims!!!!