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New Adapter Lets You Use Your SLR Lenses with Your iPhone. Seriously? Seriously.

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Have you ever found yourself holding an SLR lens in one hand and an iPhone in the other, thinking, “if only I could use these two together?” If so — really? — you’re in luck. The iPhone SLR Mount is exactly what it sounds like — a $250 adapter that allows you to use any Nikon or Canon mount SLR lenses with your iPhone. The two-piece device looks like this (lens not included):

While it’s designed for photos, there’s nothing to prevent you from shooting video using this adapter. In a world of DSLR rigs designed with over-the-shoulder counterweights to prevent the rig from tipping forward, this is the ultimate front-heavy camera rig:

Yeah, it’s a ridiculous niche product, but you know what? With 75 million iPhones in circulation, that’s a sizable niche.

Link: The iPhone SLR Mount

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  • Woah, flashback. Is that image being flipped upside down on the phone? Looks like it loses a couple stops too…hrm…we’ve been down that road once, haven’t we?

  • Alec Sprinkle on 07.8.11 @ 11:59AM

    Ha ha! This is so stupid. I can’t imagine a situation where I can’t just use my DSLR. AND there’s no aperture control I’m assuming. Nor shutter or ISO.

    This is awful. Which means it should sell well.

  • The only way I could see using this is if I didn’t have a dslr and used still lenses on a camera like the fs100. It would simply be a directors viewfinder for lens selection previsualization on a tech scout, no for any real image acquisition. That is, if the field of view matched the camera, that is.

  • There is only one solitary instance that I can think of where this would come in handy. And, that’s if I only had one camera, and it gets dropped or damaged. The body died and the lens lived.

    Photo & video ruined for the day? Not if the adapter is in your camera bag and an iPhone is in your pocket.

    I still wouldn’t buy it………$250 is ridiculous for an emergency backup option that would almost never get used.

  • first thing that came to mind was “quick videos to email out immediately” if you’re doing test shots of locations and one of your production team is elsewhere, it’s a pretty convenient way to get the videos to them quickly, with the lens you’re planning to use. or even face-time for live videos. really, there’s lots of applications that could be applied to it.

  • alexander miller on 07.10.11 @ 12:20AM

    Im surprised that it doesnt come with a downloadable application that will flip your screen for you

  • The OWLE Bubo ( and Encinema adapter from Vid-Atlantic (, offer a MUCH more stable and better solution in my opinion. Used in conjunction with the Almost DSLR app, iPhone shooters are creating some stunning results! You can see videos at both the OWLE and Encinema sites.

  • What is the crop factor?

  • Carrying around lenses and not your DSLR body doesn’t make much sense. If you want to upload photos get an Eyefi card, or enjoy the funky coolness of native iPhone pics.

  • This is cool for next to live updates to a site in the field. I will use this in the mountains shooting fishing and hunting with instant field reports back to our sites

  • Good luck keeping your iphone and a DSLR lens balanced and try to hit the shutter icon on the iPhone screen. So silly I can’t even Picture it.

  • I thinks this is great. Another way for someone to produce their art. I have seen many amazing things made on an iPhone. The challenge is part of the desire to use the iPhone. What can I create from a phone? A lot. And a lot more people will be doing their art or expressing themselves with one as they see the possibilities. I too use a 5D for my work but I am dying to get a client that will let me use my phone for a paid gig. It can be done. AlmostDSLR and Filmic Pro are great video apps.

  • This is awesome. So now I can officially use my iphone4 for my BTS.

  • Nokia in collaboration with Aardman Animation produced an animated short using a cell phone and a custom macro-lens. The “Making Of” can be seen here: