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Lensbaby's New Movie Maker's Kit is Designed Specifically For, Well, Movie Makers

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Digital cinematography often looks too clean to my eye, and I like “messing up” the images a bit (whenever appropriate). To this end, I bought a Lensbaby Composer Pro earlier this year, and, as always, my timing seems to be the opposite of impeccable: Lensbaby has just released a lens kit specifically for movie makers, aptly named the Movie Maker’s Kit. Here are the various lenses in action:

It’s a $2,900 kit, which isn’t cheap — and, come to think of it, puts it out of my price range anyway — but these are lenses for PL-mount cameras we’re talking about, which makes the pill easier to swallow. Despite the somewhat straightforward tests seen above, Lensbabies allow for optical lens effects that can benefit a narrative, similar to those seen in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford or The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. The official description:

The Lensbaby Movie Maker’s Kit is a complete creative solution for filmmakers looking to add unique effects to their film, in-camera. Conveniently packaged into a rugged Pelican case, this kit contains several of Lensbaby’s flagship lenses for use on PL mount cameras, as well as one in a Canon mount for use on Canon’s line of DSLRs that shoot video. The Movie Maker’s Kit also includes a wide range of interchangeable optics and accessories designed to provide the filmmaker limitless aesthetic and creative options at a variety of focal lengths.

Link: Lensbaby PL Movie Maker’s Kit


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  • To me this kind of looks like a waste of money because most of the stuff you see in that video you can do in a software like After Effects and for the indie filmmaker i recommend you do not buy this nice posts Koo.

    • It’s a different approach. The amount of time you would save doing this in camera while shooting is tremendous. Affecting each shot and waiting for that render on everything is not negligible, and this definitely offers any filmmaker an option for that fast-turnaround job or looking to save money on post. If you aren’t able to do the post effects yourself you’d probably actually save money going this route, depending, of course, on the amount of affected shots.

      • Well it is not really that hard to do that is post but i get your point but the price is way to high for the indie film maker you can get a good filter for about 90-100 dollars and you will get the same effect

        • yeah i completely agree.
          insanely horrid image quality for double the price of a decent Canon tilt shift lens.
          (although their ‘glass optic’ lenses doesn’t look too bad)

          I bought some creative filters on ebay for $2.99 each a week ago + $10 for a cokin P filter holder. Haven’t received them yet so don’t know what the image quality is like, but i’ve heard it’s not too bad. slight difference in price. XP
          You could hold up a soft spot filter (or maybe even a semi-transparent plastic bag with a hole?) to the camera and move it in front of the lens to create a similar effect.

          Please don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with their products, I just think this package is overpriced and unneeded..
          I would just get ONE of their lenses for $150-$400.. not 3k..

          And as for the fancy bokeh shapes, that can easily be done with a $20 bokeh shape kit or some black card and a pair of scissors.. (works great with prime lenses.) I tried it but never ended up using it on a shoot.

  • Alec Sprinkle on 09.27.11 @ 2:26PM

    I’m probably alone in this, but those shots look terrible.

  • Awesome, Hey Koo i am working on my new site can you tell me what you think click my name to go to it.

  • Not so crazy about the lens baby set, but God, I love the Assasination of Jesse James and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

  • You can do most of those effects in post production NLE softwares like Sony Vegas, Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc. for macro close up shoot, go buy extension tube on amazon or eBay for $10 bucks. Thanks for giving me a good laugh from watching the video with country music.

  • Man, looking at this makes me feel like I’m watching the flashback sequences in “Contagion”

  • Lucas Adamson on 09.27.11 @ 6:57PM

    To me, this is ridiculous to start with, and at this price it just boggles my mind that they will sell any of this crap.

  • I totally agree with Anthony. All these can be done in post. Save your money..!

  • RevBenjamin on 09.28.11 @ 11:46AM

    Yup. Why damage perfectly good footage with something you can do in post (and change your mind in post) sooooo easily.

  • Well, I can see the use of it. but the shots where you would need these in real film are very margin. Of course for larger productions money is not issue so for them this could speed up the workflow to see the result directly when shooting.

    The promo video is still useless, there is no real usage of these. They could have done it at least bit more creative from it.

  • Steven Schwartz on 09.29.11 @ 8:49AM

    Hi everybody, my name is Steven (“Hi Steven”) and I’m a Gear-aholic. It’s been 5 days since I bought my last piece of gear (an ultrafast Hitachi Travelstar and power ESata case to connect with my new laptop that has an Express Card slot for SxS cards from my Sony EX1r to transfer files super fast while on long location shoots). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought video gear instead of paying my bills, or taken care of my family. Hey, that pair of shoes for Timmy will go six more months if we cut out the toes – ooh want that new shiny Lensbaby Movie Maker’s Kit – and when I leave for a shoot, the nagging fear that I’ve forgotten something critical will expand to include all the little things in the kit. “Lord, give me the strength to…”

  • Also see the lenses by SLR Magic, like their toy lens:

    Interesting “dirty” looks for much less money…

  • Here’sa rehersal I had to make a music video with a simple lensbaby:
    thats only ONE LENS…

  • Justin Kuhn on 09.29.11 @ 5:38PM

    The Soft Focus produces some pretty sweet bokeh. The only shot that popped out at me was with that attachment at 1:10.