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Live Streaming the Conclusion of the 'Man-child' Campaign

09.23.11 @ 8:58PM Tags : , , , ,

The Kickstarter campaign for Man-child ended successfully at 108% funded: $125,100!!! Thank you all so much — it’s been a dream come true. If you missed the deadline, you can still back the project here! According to Ustream we had over 1,300 views of our live video stream of the concluding party — the archive of the video is below. Thank you all for making this possible, from the bottom of my heart! Now the real work begins…

Before watching the live stream archive, a couple of disclaimers: first of all, the broadcast begins before I actually hit record, so the first couple of minutes aren’t exactly riveting. Then, quite anti-climatically, Ustream reaches its record limit a few minutes shy of the midnight deadline and our resulting euphoric celebration — as well as my thanks at the end. Finally, if I don’t seem as enthusiastic as I should, it’s because I’m exhausted at this point after 38 days of pushing the campaign far and wide. Also, the language is somewhat R-rated. But the event was a great time, thanks to everyone for coming, thanks to everyone who tuned in, and last but not least thanks to Zack Lieberman for MCing!

And again, thank you all.


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  • congratulations dude!

  • Helen Koo & Dick Bilsborrow on 09.23.11 @ 9:38PM

    We’re enjoying the Ryan and Zack show! Nice of you, Zack, to co-host this. It’s so exciting for all of us who have believed in this project—so happy and so proud!

    You asked for feedback on sound level. That’s fine, but Zack is pretty much in the dark. (we mean our of the light, not out of it).


    Mom and Dad

  • The fun (and hard work) has just begun!

  • Congratulations Koo. You have set a new standard of engagement. Absolutely brilliant to see that it worked our for you. Looking forward to see your ongoing work. Regards Casper (Melbourne)

  • JoeLopezIII on 09.24.11 @ 5:12AM

    watching from Paris….congratulations on your Kickstarter!!

  • I’m so thrilled for you Koo, on the adventure you’re about to take. I couldn;t fund you because I am so poor at the moment!! .But delighted that your campaign was a success. This website has been an invaluable resource to me.

    Best of luck on the project

  • Hey Koo, CONGRADULATIONS! I wish you all the best in this endeavour and know you will be successful. Your site has been awesome for me and I know many others. This is definetaly an inspiration sir. If there is still anyway one can contribute please relay the information. GOOD LUCK!!

  • Haha, starts out so riveting! It gets better people, promise…

    • I know! Strange, I thought the recording didn’t start until we hit “record,” but apparently it just went on its own.

      I wish the video included my thanks at the end… that was a big part of it… but I hope a few people watching it live saw it. Thanks so much for excellent microphone controlling Zack!

  • I have been following you kickstarter project page for the past week, thats how I found you and your sites, towards the end there I was really pulling for you but it really looked like it just wasn’t going to make it, I am really glad to see that others came through at the last minute and got you fully funded, congratulations, looking forward to whatever comes of this =)

  • Glad to read you made your goal! I was taken by the innovative way to raise funds. Happy to be a small part of it.
    best of luck,

  • Big congrats Koo. This is what social media is all about. You have certainly earned a lot of good will with Best wishes with the project.


  • “…I thought the recording didn’t start until we hit “record,” but apparently…”
    As long as you get it figured out before you start filming Man-Child… Just joking!

    The concept behind your NoFilmSchool blog was right on, at the right time. The execution has been excellent – lots of attention to detail. I’ve learned things…I sent a little money. We’ve come to expect great things.
    Looking forward to Man-Child. I hear it’s going to be great.

    As good as this blog has been, I hope you get to focus on the filmmaking.

    • Hahah well I guess “recording too early” is better than “forgetting to hit record,” right? Thanks for your support!

  • Saw the entire ustream today! it was amazing, congrats!

  • Great, now can we stop with every article on this page mentioning that you’re raising money for a movie?

  • Felicitaciones!!!

  • i want to thank you for this informative read, i really appreciate sharing your post.

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