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More RED SCARLET Tests, Including Low Light and 48 FPS

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Phil Holland (who gave us some very handy RED crop factor and data rate sheets) shot the following tests on his Al Canon-mount RED SCARLET. Graded in REDCINE-X Pro and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, the tests include low light and 3K/48FPS tests. If you have a high-resolution monitor, you can even view them in 4K resolution (select “Original” if you’ve got the screen real estate):

Mostly on the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, but also in the video are the Canon 24mm f/1.4L, 35mm f/14L, 50mm f/1.2L and 85mm f/1.2L.

This test material was shot in 4k at ISO 320-6400. Lens apertures were f/1.2-f/2.8.

Lenses used here include the Canon 50mm f/1.2L and 135mm f/2L. Also used are the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, Leica Summicron-R 90mm f/2, Voigtlander 40mm f/2 Ultron SL II, and a modified Canon 55mm f/1.2 FL lens.

This test material was shot in 3k at 48fps.

Mostly shot on the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L at between f/2.8 and f/5.6. Other lenses used are the Canon 35mm f/1.4L, 85mm f/1.2L, and Sigma 300mm f/2.8 with a 2X Teleconverter for the sunset shot.

[via Cinescopophilia]


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  • Hmm…so thats what it can do… I welcome any sort of test footage from this camera!

    • the “music” at the beginning of vid 3 sounds like a bad ring to the ear. It gets better though ;)

  • Crazy… Vid 1 was shot at the abandoned oil refinery where we (Metronome Pictures) Shot our crowdfunding video for #DeaderDays and then the other video we shot We shot our on two canon 7D’s. Love that location.

  • I’d really like to see some 48fps footage that wasn’t slowed down, just to see what the motion would look like.

  • John Jeffreys on 01.2.12 @ 9:07PM

    is it just me or does the first video have a ton of rolling shutter during the panning

    • Think it’s just you…

    • You’re probably confusing rolling shutter with the barrel aberrations from the super wide end of the Tokina 11-16 (effectively 18-26 with the crop).

    • John Jeffreys on 01.2.12 @ 11:27PM

      i may not be using the right terminology, but in some of the pans, the top area of the frame seems to be moving faster to the right than the bottom area of the frame. its hard to explain. or maybe my computer is lagging

      • I think that’s your display doing that.

      • Red cameras do have rolling shutter as evidenced in The great Camera Shootout 2011 and the movie The Lincoln Lawyer but not at the panning speed of that video. You would have to be panning fairly quickly to notice it.

  • RED samples on YouTube.

    The irony….

  • funny that intersection in the hollywood night video is the same one andrew cramer uses in the videocopilot motion tracking tutorial

  • Pretty defensive Koo.

    • What’s defensive, Joe?

      • Your blog Koo. Just an observation. Seems like a bias towards Red, Canon articles read negative. I get it. We all continually justify our large purchases. As a first time feature director I would have steered clear of the Scarlet. Your film will live or die through performance of actors not it’s look or resolution. Using an F3 / DSLR / C300 would free you up for longer more improvised takes if need be. You will be limited by the RED it’s just not an indie / low budget camera.

        • Aaah crap here we go again

        • DSLR’s would allow for longer takes? An F3 which requires an external recorder for decent quality is better for a small indie shoot? The C300 is a better option even though it’s not available yet? Do you even hear yourself?

  • Disagreeing in the comments does not equal defensive.

  • Fauxtogramme on 01.3.12 @ 3:29AM

    That IS very cool. It’s pretty obvious that with this little camera you can get away with a lot at night if you’ve got a fast lens.

    Did you use HDRx?

  • It’s the lens distortion, there is no rolling shutter. Furthermore, the RED system can’t have rolling shutter as it records progressively on a sensor that works singular images, not interlaced or progressively updated images if you will.

    • Doesn’t the RED One suffer from some rolling shutter?

      Not sure what sensor is in that but it definitely has some rolling shutter.

    • It can and it does. Reduced… but it does. FilmRiot did a quick review of the Epic (along a pretty awesome action short film), and they checked for rolling shutter and it did have some, it’s just not as pronounced as DSLR rolling shutter.

    • I know this comment is way old, but I had to respond… the fact that a camera records progressive frames rather than interlaced has absolutely nothing to do with rolling shutter.

  • All I seem to read on this blog since the Kickstarter campaign closed for Manchild are articles about RED, a few on the C300, then its back to the latest Red news again. Enough of the RED news please! Give us a break, not all film makers can afford to rent or buy a Red or a C300 and are still stuck with 1080 DSLR cameras (thats not a bad thing). Doesnt NofilmSchool have anything more to talk about other than these two camera companies and the aforementioned tests from both products? Im seriously thinking about turning off my RSS feed for this site, and Im also talking about the plethora of nasty, pedantic and one eyed ‘this camera is better than that camera’ chatter. Come on folks, broaden the headlines and content …

    • I respectfully disagree John A. I came here and have been visiting this site everyday because to me it is very up to date with the latest news and cameras. I’m sure Koo is just trying to broaden his base and knowledge, which is what every filmmaker wants and needs to do. When a new incredible DSLR comes out again(maybe NAB), I’m sure Koo will cover it. But why keep looking back when technology is constantly changing. I’m sure it’s hard enough to stay “current”. For now, it seems that the F3, C300 and Scarlet are what most of the web is talking about. I do agree with the “this camera is better than that camera” chatter statement but that is coming from the users comments and not Koo. I think Koo is doing an awesome job with this site and if anything is just a little paranoid of hurting his DSR base. He should be free to say and type whatever he wants. I think we sometimes forget that it’s his site and his time and that he doesn’t owe any of us anything here. :-)

      Quick disclaimer… I have both a Canon 5D Mark II(which I love) and an Epic(which I also absolutely love).

    • Wait till around March/April or so.

    • Good things come to those who wait.

  • “I think Koo is doing an awesome job with this site and if anything is just a little paranoid of hurting his DSR base. He should be free to say and type whatever he wants. ”

    agree. and let´s REMEMBER koo is preparing to do a feature with, possible, a RED camera, therefore, it´s more than normal lots of articles about RED in here, no?

    if you all were making your first feature using a RED would you not be researching about the camera too?

    And it´s good for we all. I have a 7D and a 5D, i rent RED ONE or s16mm when corporate work asks for. My personal stuff, that i shoot with no money :D, i shoot with 7D and 5D and soon i´ll shoot with C300 or Ikonoskop ´cause i have lots of C-mount and s16mm lens at home… RED workflow, and Ikonoskop too, is too tedious for personal experimental (john cassavetes style) works from my point of view. So SCARLET is no good for me, but since i love the aestethics of 16mm, i keep thinking about Ikonoskop.

    Also, when i found the money here in brazil to shoot my first feature, “purple love”, i pretend to shoot or with film or with a 4K CCD camera like Penelope Delta, because i like cinema camera that don´t have electronic view finder the most. But it´s personal!

    Koo is an artist following his heart. We should be happy for him making his first feature! giving him support and not projecting our shadow over him! :D

    personally i don´t like RED looks for gigs with lots of money. Too sharp. At least the MX sensor still has some clipings in the highlights, no global shooter, and the attitude from jim jannard in the philip bloom case made me sad about his corporation. It´s personal.

    But i still respect koo choices and hope he makes a hell of a great movie with his choices… ´cause that´s what it: koo has a vision, and in his vision, RED is the right TOOL! it´s HIS vision! :)

    happy movie making koo!

    (and pardon my fucking bad english! :D :D :D)

  • Im really hate n the whole 48fps thing 24p looks way better to me


  • I think you would benefit from some better glass and some cine classes