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A Roundup of Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D800 Videos

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Rather than a new post for every single new video featuring Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800 footage, it made a lot of sense to do a weekend roundup of all of the videos we haven’t covered here yet. Some of you are tired of hearing about these cameras, so I really feel like this is the best of both worlds. We don’t have any major tests yet, as the cameras aren’t quite in people’s hands, but if you’re still holding off on a purchase there will be plenty of solid tests coming up in the next few weeks.

First up are the Canon 5D Mark III videos. SAIKA, who posted the original 5D Mark II vs 5D Mark III video, has posted an updated version with comparisons from more locations. It’s really clear to me that in the low light scenarios the 5D Mark III retains a lot more color information compared to the 5D Mark II. The Mark II seems to take on a greenish hue when it’s ISOs are really pushed.

Again from SAIKA, this time with a little daytime shooting thrown into the comparison:

You’ll have to go to their site or Vimeo to watch it, but this one is from Felix Clay and Sam Morgan Moore at DSLR 4 Real via EOSHD. Footage was recorded using the ALL-I codec. Moire is almost non-existent in the Mark III footage. Here are some still images:

This one is from Gary Huff and it quickly compares the Canon 5D Mark III to the Panasonic GH2. The Mark III seems to have less rolling shutter:

Since the Nikon D800 hasn’t gotten much love lately, here are some videos shot with that camera. First, we’ve got one from John Wright that premiered with the release of the camera in the UK:

I really love the look of that video, so while resolution isn’t everything, color plays a huge role. I’ve always been a little partial to the Nikon color spectrum. Canon’s cameras can be a little saturated in the reds if you’re not careful.

This is from HDlndies, it’s a test that they did with the D800 – also covered by EOSHD:

If you’re curious about how each camera operates, the manual for the Nikon D800 can be found here and the manual for the Canon 5D Mark III can be found here. Thanks to planet5D and Nikon Rumors for those.

I really think both Canon and Nikon have created two fantastic cameras that excel in different places. For pure video quality, the Canon might edge the Nikon, but I think with the clean HDMI-out on the D800, the results are going to be less pronounced than they might have been. In low-light we’re still not sure how the D800 will perform, but I’ve seen stills that showed it handily beating its predecessor, the Nikon D700. So the jury is still out on how much cleaner the 5D Mark III will be in low-light situations. One thing is certainly clear, that moire and aliasing seem to be completely gone on the Mark III, and they are either gone or much less pronounced on the D800.

As soon as I can get my hands on both of them, I’m going to do a comparison, so stay tuned.

Links: Canon 5D Mark III Manual & Nikon D800 Manual

[via EOSHD-Mark III & DSLR 4 Real & EOSHD-D800 & planet5D & Nikon Rumors ]


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  • Further proof that camera make / model just doesn’t matter anymore. And good thing too! I for one am glad to be out of the quality = technology mindset. Quality = creativity. Forever and always.

  • “One thing is certainly clear, that moire and aliasing seem to be completely gone on the Mark III, and they are either gone or much less pronounced on the D800.” ?

    Sorry but i have to disagree, in the D800 moire and aliasing is still quite present. Is it the same as the current generation of canon dslr? No, it’s better but not on the same level as 5D MkIII. The D800 will be a better fullframe than the 5D MkII but moire isn’t gone.

  • It seems 5D2 is sharper than 5D3, but the latter has cleaner colors.

  • Nothing remarkable.

    I don’t see any reason to go with a $3500+ Mk. III over a sub-$1000 GH2, at least for video. I’m much, much more excited about the Olympus E-M5 than any of these full frame cameras.

    • Hell yeah, the Olympus camera look awesome. I’m excited about it as well. So far from the tests its been an excellent performer.

      • I’ve been dying to see more video tests. I think Olympus has some sort of a semi-embargo on full video tests (probably b/c of the pre-release firmware).

        But come on – m4/3′s body size, no rolling shutter, awesome lenses, weather-sealed = freakin’ amazing.

  • jordan carr on 03.17.12 @ 5:02PM

    Hummer is right. Unless someone needs the uber shallow DOF of a FF sensor – a hacked GH2 crushes everything since we are still dealing with crappy 8 bit color.

    Hacked with a Driftwood patch you get 150mbs, GOP1 all I-frames, tight grain/noise, virtually no moire, a swivel screen, and compatibility with almost every lens in the world.

    And with the lack of 60p at 1080, the Sony F3 and Red Scarlet still have nothing to fear (better color as well).

  • Ummm….moire almost completely gone with the 5D Mark III? You sure you want to make that statement? Watch the guy in the black striped shirt in the first 10 seconds of the Mark III vs. GH2 video. That shirt is dancing more than a stripper the night before rents due. It sure has a purdy picture though.

    • There’s a normal amount of moire that all cameras can exhibit. Even our eyes suffer from it. That’s a particularly difficult pattern for cameras, especially when it is at just the right distance away from the camera. The GH2 also is basically moire free and it has trouble with a different guy in a striped shirt. Check this out – even the Alexa and RED will exhibit moire.

      • You’re totally right. I’ve just noticed several people (not you) saying “moire is a total non-issue with the Mark III” on various websites and just wanted to point out that it is still present, though I agree it is far less severe than most other DSLR’s. I’ve shot with the Gh2 and had moire issues with it. But I guess I should be comforted that even the big boys are affected by it to some extent.

  • Im more concerned with the quality of image at 720p (2:20) on the D800 – to me it looks friking awful – jag city and dare I say worse even than a $400 t2i…? I really hope they screwed something up and that is not how all 720 60p will look like on the Nikon’s. Then again I dont think I’ve seen any 60p form the MkIII so who knows.

  • Jordan Carr on 03.18.12 @ 2:20AM

    My local rental houses are laughing all the way to the bank. Rentals of Alexa, Scarlet, Epic, and F3 are “growing” with all these poor videos from Canon and Nikon being released.

    I don’t think some of these companies understand the internet yet. These cameras are shipping and there is still no way to know what they are capable of (if anything).

    It would be like Ferrari putting a car in the show room and telling customers to plonk down 150k without letting ANYONE in the world test drive it first – or letting a few try only to tell them NOT to share their results with other people.

    Months after the Nikon D800 announcement we still don’t know what the HDMI out is capable of.

    People don’t drop 3k on a DSLR when the company producing it has ZERO confidence it what it can do. At my college I know over three dozen people that haven’t purchased either camera because of this lack of info.

    Thats 100k sitting in peoples pockets because of poor marketing. And I know these people are not alone.

    Apple never has this problem (and I am no fanboy). When was the last time someone read online “Oh I think I will wait and see if the new Ipad screen is really as nice as they say it is.” (never happens)

    Nikon and Canon need to wake up.

    • Jordan Carr on 03.18.12 @ 2:23AM

      Oh and before someone says “oh but these are still image cameras.”

      Canon and Nikon brought this on themselves. Every magazine I thumb through has a Nikon D800 or Canon full page ad mentioning “the next DSLR video revolution.”

  • Jordan Carr on 03.18.12 @ 2:25AM

    Joe – thanks for gathering the videos though! At least someone is trying to help us consumers out.


  • Pretty sure that 5diii and GH2 rolling shutter test is void as they aren’t at similar FOV as they are using the same lenses.

  • I see quite a bit of red in the Canon M3 skin tones, the Pany GH2 has cleaner skin tones/color.

  • Nice gathering, Joe. It gives us more detailes about 5D Mark 3.