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NAB Video: Zeiss Zoom Lens Updates, New Prime, 4K Sensors and Lenses

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Richard Schleuning from Zeiss discusses at length their new lens options, including the Zeiss 28-80mm Compact Zoom, featuring full frame (24x36mm) coverage and interchangeable lens mounts. Hit the jump for FreshDV‘s coverage, and listen in to an interesting conversation about the future of sensor sizes:

Zeiss are attempting to keep their eye on the future to be able to manufacture their new glass to be as “future proof” as possible. Share your thoughts below!

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  • I really appreciate how Richard Schleuning explained his products. And I agree with his hesitating to say pixels might not get as small as 1.5 microns in a cine camera. They could. And materials may be developed to go even smaller.

  • “we’re not promoting this lens for video acquisition” and then “if you’re a filmmaker 4000$ for a lens isn’t really that expensive”… this guy should be in politics!

  • Woah, great video. lots of useful information. Thanks guys!

  • Great questioning. Great interview subject. I wish all of the Internet was like this. Thanks!

    With most NAB videos I’m jumping up and down wishing I’m there so I could ask questions myself. With this one I’m like “glad I wasn’t there interrupting them!”

  • Great chemistry between the interviewer and the guest, had a great time watching it ;)

    And yeah 4000USD is pretty expensive, BUT we all know that this is a lifetime investment.
    I’m really exited to see the results of this one, just imagine what comes up when Zeiss lens designers get a free pass to go wild…