One of the most unique and interesting announcements out of the 2024 Apple Event this morning is the new Final Cut Camera app for iPad and iPhone.

Considering Apples groundbreaking and undeniable prowess in the mobile filmmaking space it comes as no surprise they're taking it a step further with the new multicam suite introduced with Final Cut Camera.

What is Final Cut Camera?

Final Cut Camera


In conjunction with Final Cut Pro's multicam feature, Final Cut Camera acts as a hub for multiple devices to link back to, creating a way to cut between multiple cameras instantly.

Think of it like a control room for a technical director for live broadcast, but you can hold it in your hand. The power!

Along with the ability to live cut, Final Cut Camera also offers "precise manual controls" over ISO, shutter speed, manual focus, and white balance, giving filmmakers and camera operators the control to not have to change recording settings for a camera that might be difficult to get to on a trickier set.