If you're into music or sound mixing, then you're probably a fan of Apple's Logic Pro. It's pretty much the industry standard software, and it's finally getting an upgrade.

This morning, Apple announced lots of new products, including a new iPad you can use this software on, as well as some other cool filmmaker friendly announcements from their 2024 Apple Event.

But for now, I want to go over the Logic Pro updates.

Logic Pro Updates

Logic Pro Updates


Logic Pro 2 brings powerful new AI-powered tools to make songwriting, beat-making, producing, and mixing much easier.

Want a virtual band to jam with? Session Players adds bass and keys to the Logic Pro Drummer lineup–and it's AI-powered drive. Over a decade ago, Drummer set the industry standard for virtual musicians. Now, Logic Pro raises the bar again with the addition of a virtual Bass Player and Keyboard Player. Session Players enhance your musical ideas while always leaving you in complete control of your sound. And the AI helps it sound the way you want.

Plus, the new Stem Splitter lets you isolate individual instruments (drums, bass, vocals, etc.) from a mixed recording, giving you incredible control to remix and add effects on the fly.

With these separate tracks, you can easily add effects, tweak the mix, or even add new musical parts to your creation. Stem Splitter is particularly useful for recordings made outside of a professional studio, like those from Voice Memos or live performances.

This is a game-changer for musicians who want to isolate and edit specific parts of a recording.

They're available as Logic Pro for iPad 2 and Logic Pro for Mac 11.

Brent Chiu-Watson, Apple’s senior director of Apps Worldwide Product Marketing said of the product, “Logic Pro gives creatives everything they need to write, produce, and mix a great song, and our latest features take that creativity to a whole new level. Logic Pro’s new AI-backed updates, combined with the unparalleled performance of iPad, Mac, and M-series Apple silicon, provide creative pros with the best music creation experience in the industry.”

Logic Pro for Mac 11 is available on May 13th as a free update for existing users and for $199.99 (U.S.) for new users on the Mac App Store.

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