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ProCutX, an iPad Control App for Final Cut Pro X, is Now Free for a Limited Time

We’ve seen a few apps capable of controlling different programs on your computer with an iPad. A recent app that caught our eye, ProCutX, is capable of controlling Final Cut Pro X with your iPad, and replacing many of the functions normally done with a keyboard. For a limited time (possible only a few more hours), the full app, which is normally around $25, is now free on iTunes. Click through for a video walk-through of ProCutX.

Some more details on the app, which requires OSX 10.7 or 10.8 with FCPX:

PROCUTX for Final Cut Pro X is an iOS iPad application that allows editors to control Final Cut Pro X on their MAC through an iPad.

Built from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s creative editors, PROCUTX breaks free from the menus and tabs to streamline editor tasks. This application gives users control over all the FCPX editing tools in one clean interface, eliminating the need for clicking and searching through the Final Cut Pro X menus. From import to export, PROCUTX can control every step of the FCPX editing process.

Features Include:

• Precision Timeline Scrubbing
• Quick Retiming
• Auto-Correct Color
• Color Grading
• Compound Clip Editing
• Import, Export, and Rendering shortcuts
• Quick Keywording
• Fast access to Tools
• System Volume Control
• Timeline Zooming
• Audio Enhancements
• Record Voiceovers

Many dislike the fact that these apps still require you to look down since there is no tactile sensation using an iPad, but for some of the main functions, like play, forward, back, and scrubbing, I don’t see it being very difficult to find those buttons pretty quickly without having to look at the screen. The main thing for me with apps like this is that if you use an NLE like FCPX infrequently enough, you may not remember all of the keyboard shortcuts, so it’s handy to have most of the necessary functions right at your fingertips.

Head on over to iTunes to download the program and try it out.

Link: ProCutX — iTunes


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  • I applaud innovation, and exploring new ways to (potentially) help us edit faster, but nothing I have tried is faster for me than a good keyboard and mouse. But, I think this is a really cool option for those who use FCP X – maybe even a great learning tool for those learning to edit for the first time?

  • I don’t have FCP X, but in the event that I make the switch, I downloaded this app anyway. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Downloading it ONLY because its free and normally expensive for what it does.. We shall see

  • Someday, without a doubt, people will look back and laugh at when we used a keyboard and mouse to edit video. I’m not sure this is quite the answer yet, but we’re getting closer. Exciting!

  • john jeffreys on 04.1.13 @ 9:47PM

    tactile feedback is and will always be the standard if you want accurate control of stuff

    • That’s what they said about guillotine splicers and flatbeds. Don’t think it will change how we edit, but it’s one step closer to using a screen/touch to edit instead of indirect input methods.

      • john jeffreys on 04.2.13 @ 2:31AM

        I’d totally edit by physically cutting around film. Too bad film is too expensive for me to care and I grew up on the computer anyway

      • c.d.embrey on 04.3.13 @ 9:23PM

        @Mike, so you are a noob? I learned editing on an Up-Right Moviola. The old Up-Rights were fine for 35mm. but they loved to eat 16mm workprint 8-(

        If you’ve never used a scrub wheel before, you’ll wonder how you got along with out it 8-)

  • I use FCPX, but I don’t own an iPad. However maybe someday I will… So I downloaded it of course.

  • ha, I’m going to download this onto the GF’s iPad just in case I might ever use it with FCPX on OSX! (of which I have neither….)

  • I don’t even make films but I’m gonna download this onto my cousins iPad just in case I decide to start.

  • Who uses FCP X?

  • Don’t even bother with it! Try navigation on glass with out looking at the surface.
    If you want a nice gadget for your iPad search The Touch for FCPX!

  • MountainHutFilms on 04.2.13 @ 7:56AM

    Is there a app like this for Premiere?

  • @Joe Marine

    Have you actually tried downloading this App? I saw very bad and horrible comments on its Review Section. I stopped there and wanting to know if anyone has actually tried this and whether there is any bugs or not.


  • I’ll take Premiere or Avid any day of the week. Apple dropped the ball and will never get the market share they once had.

  • I have downloaded it and set it up for FCPX. It kinda works… It does some sweet stuff but I kept losing my connection between devices. I kept having to re-connect FCPX server which takes longer to do then just edit. It was so annoying I don’t think I would use it until that have been fixed.

  • Not as useful as one would hope. It’s no wonder they made it free. They need to go back to the drawing table and make an app that truly helps the pro user. This is not it. Great innovation, interesting concept, yet falls way short of what I need to edit quickly and efficiently

  • Since I run both legacy FCP and X, this app does not work with my set up as there is a known bug that causes fcp 7 to open instead of X. Hope they fix this soon.

  • Just take a look at The Touch … Far away better.

  • The user-interface of the app looks nice, however I never received the activation e-mail for FCPX, in stead Pixel Film Studio’s is now spamming me with their e-mail newsletter. So the whole “get it while it’s free” thing is just their way of getting their hands on new e-mail addresses.

  • Nice app but was never sent the link for the MAC app so I can’t connect.