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Canon 5D Mark III is Now Shooting RAW Video at 24FPS

Canon 5D Mark III Official Photos and SpecsThe team at Magic Lantern has been able to do some amazing things with Canon’s cameras. Late last month, we learned it was possible to get a burst of RAW still images from the camera without the shutter moving at reduced resolutions — which yielded more resolution and dynamic range. Some people working with ML were confident we could get RAW video at usable frame rates (since they were only getting 5-15fps at best) with these images at some point as long as the cards were fast enough, and now that has become a reality: the Canon 5D Mark III is a RAW-shooting video camera. Click through for the first video samples.

Here is user lourenco in the Magic Lantern forum on recording RAW video with the Mark III (thanks to Luke Neumann for mentioning this — he’s be working with the team for some time now):

I did a quick test in Raw mode. I wanted to see how much higher I could do above 720p. I tried 1928×850 and 1928×902. I think it was 902. 902 the buffer would fill up and video stops after 700 frames or so.  At 850 I am able to get continuous recordings. 

The best I am able to obtain in Raw mode right now is continues 1928×850 at 24fps. I plan to crop the video to 1920×817 to do 2.35:1 wide screen aspect ratio, which is about 1920×817. The video will have black bars on top and bottom to output at 1920×1080.

And later:

At that aspect ratio I can record continuous at 24fps. It helps to have a 5d Mark III with CF 1000x card. DNG files take awhile to process on my computer in AE. Yes, the settings were the same. when I was recording i-frame, I used Technicolor CineStyle.

Here is a sample video recorded at 1920 x 820, with the original files coming in at about 3MB per frame. Top is RAW, bottom is H.264 ALL-I recording with the Cinestyle profile — both with the Canon 5D Mark III:

Well, it happened. A lot more development needs to go into these firmware updates before they are rock solid and ready for deployment, but right now, with 1000X speed cards, it’s possible to record slightly lower than 1080p at 24fps in RAW mode, which can then be cropped to a 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

To say this is one of the bigger breakthroughs with the Magic Lantern firmware would be an understatement. The difference between the RAW video mode and the regular H.264 files is massive. There is more dynamic range and more resolution — and certainly much more flexibility in post. As far as other cameras, we will have to wait and see if any are capable of reaching 24fps, but right now, we do now it’s possible with the Mark III, and the camera can record continuously.

There is much more information to come over the next few days and weeks, so stay tuned as Magic Lantern and the entire team continue their breakthroughs.

Link: Uncompressed YUV422 and 14-bit RAW video recording — Magic Lantern Forum


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  • Interesting. Look forward to seeing better examples.

  • Wow! I don’t think it’s practical – but by-gosh it is jaw dropping.

    • It’s as practical as shooting Raw on any other camera.

      • Hmmm, not really? R3D’s, for example, have a much more easier and proven postproduction path.

        That said, this a a massive advance. We owe a Mark III and I’m really looking forward to trying this. How’s rolling shutter? In early tests it was strangely strong.

        • The production path is not all that different from the BMCC. The ability to use Lightroom to process the image is a huge plus for the DNG route, albiet cumbersome.

  • I guess I can hold onto my 5D a little longer.

  • Looks like, I’m going to go ahead and order 5D Mark III soon

  • They just need a live view option to show what the footage will look like after the crop so framing is correct.

  • RAW is obviously only to be used under certain situations, but when he says continuous, how usable would it be on a full shoot? That’s a lot of data – would there be overheating problems after a certain amount of shooting time?

  • Antonio Pantoja on 05.12.13 @ 3:07AM

    It looks like shit.

    Straight up. A for valiant effort but in the end in a perfect natural lighting situation, it looks like shit.

    • Why are you saying that? The improvement is massive dude, look at the video, “raw vs H.264 cinestyle (not neutral, so more dynamic range)”, the raw still kills the H.264 footage. It is a huge huge improvement, our 5d3 are becoming real cameras, thanks the ML team..
      And Merry Christmas all..

    • i don’t think too much stock should be placed into an arbitrarily filmed clip. i truly believe that in carefully considered applications, this breakthrough is pretty neat, and will really put filmmakers in a better position to make some not-shit looking things!

      in the end, it’s yet another opportunity for filmmakers to get more flexibility out of the cameras they already have (in this context, the 5diii), and another consideration for those that don’t, and are thinking about the 5d iii as an option. magic lantern’s hard work here affords two opportunities:

      1) to offer filmmakers an additional tool so that they may better control their images – one that was not presently there – and one that adds value to the camera at (this is important) no extra cost!

      2) to offer fodder for armchair critics to react dismissively and knowingly, because like, the firmware they’re working so diligently on, and for everyone to benefit from for free, is better. like, way better. so much better.

    • It looks like a RAW still (well, not exactly, but pretty close). There are lots of beautiful stills taken with this camera, and there are lots that look like crap.
      I’m pretty sure I can make very beautiful pictures with this. YMMV.

  • Meanwhile, still looking forward to the first footage from the BMCC 4k for $4k…….

  • Does it record Audio while recording RAW video ??? If not it ll be Extremely painful to sync audio in the post ….

  • Ruslan Randzhabar on 05.12.13 @ 3:24AM

    Finally it’s a reality! Thanks to awesome guys from Magic Lantern!

  • The halo around the dog makes it look like some crappy HDR image and is very distracting and unnatural. The noise isn’t very flattering either.

    • How the DNG was processed wasn’t specified. It could be an over-aggressive local contrast applied via Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom’s Clarity slider. I highly doubt that the halo is baked into the raw image.

    • agreed. but if you have worked with raw photos before, you will know that there’s quite a few sliders to move. If you don’t do it properly it can look pretty bad, if you’re doing it well, it can look brilliant. More option = more ways to fuck up. RAW isn’t for everyone, you have to know how to work with it and what look you want to achieve. Same goes for HDR by the way.

  • This is ridiculously exciting! Period.
    Will I shoot all day on RAW now? probably not. But for many occasions, TONS of b-roll where my shots are 5-20 seconds in length in documentary settings and beauty shots can constantly be blown out, this is gonna be a life saver and give us AWESOME footage that we would otherwise not have been able to capture.

    I’m like a kid the night before a Disney Land trip!

  • I’m impressed with the mad hacking the Gibson skillz this demonstrates, but have to agree with a few others than the image looks pretty ratty beyond the dynamic range increase. The halo, over sharpened look, and what appears to be some floaty rolling shutter something going on during camera movement? Maybe it’s just my eyes. And someone mentioned there’s no audio recording which, oh man let’s definitely not use this for shot with dialog because that would be a pain. But yes, it’s amazing what a group of people can do to further demonstrate that Canon loves to cripple all their released hardware to keep you moving up the price bracket.

    Should also be said, about $20 of ND gel tapped to the door would manage the blown out exterior with the regular Mk3….or any camera for that matter. Or bring up the ambient light in the room? At some point people need to realize you still need lighting and grips regardless of camera. SMH.

    • Right, this is certainly a complete waist of time for anyone with a grip department, thousands of watts and 25+ square foot of ND gel to play with, it is pretty exciting for all the other people living in the real world though…

  • John Austin on 05.12.13 @ 4:20AM

    videos aren’t showing up

  • So does the buffer never fill up if you use 1000x cards ? Or does it stop recording after 15 seconds or a minute ? I couldn’t quite understand from the post whether that’s 100% fixed and the recording times are now unlimited or not.

    • The buffer does not fill up, that’s correct, but I think he’s having issues with creating multiple files. Still very early with this.

  • There is a strange halo around the dog in the RAW video as well as some really weird rippling going on in the grass. It’s almost like a weird rolling shutter effect or horrible image stabilization distortion. The dynamic range of the shot looks cool. But there’s just something else about it that looks off.

    • Good, I’m not the only one seeing that. I know that the halo is often a side effect of selective colour correction (feathered masks to bring up/down specific points of an image) so I’m kinda hoping it’s that or else who knows what kind of annoying artifacts that issue could create.

    • It almost looks unrealistic, it looks as if the interior and exterior were captured separately in order to capture a higher dynamic range.The interior and exterior beyond the sliding door appear to be disconnected in movement. Strange.

    • It kinda looks like there’s mosquito netting or flyscreen on the window/door.

    • The weird rippling is due to interference from the mesh screen door he’s shooting through. If you look closely, you’ll see that the rippling is bounded by the view through the door.

  • Anyone know if it will be available for the 5D mark 2??

  • Erwin (Netherlands) on 05.12.13 @ 5:36AM

    The raw image looks much better of course. The technological aspect of this is very interesting indeed,….but at 3 megabytes per frame, a 64 GB 1000x CF card will fill up in about 15 minutes. That’s why it’s best to use a system like the the blackmagic cinema camera with a 500+ GB SSD.

    How practical it will be to have to carry loads of 1000x CF card is to be seen. 1000x CF cards aren’t exactly cheap either, they are significantly more expensive per GB than SSD’s. (a factor 4 to 5 I believe)


    • vincegortho on 05.12.13 @ 6:14AM


    • So, correct me if I am wrong, but I did the math and came to the conclusion that a 64 gig card will get about 6 hours of video ar 3 mb a sec
      1 gig = 1024 mb 64gb = 65536 mb(1sec/3mb) = 21845.3sec(1min/60sec) = 364min(1hour/60min) = 6.068 hours Quick look shows a 64 gig 1000x card can be had for $300 $50 an hour? For RAW video. This seems like the kind of thing that is cool for people that already own a mkiii, but if you are in the market for a RAW camera it does not make sense.

  • Nice content choice…

    Raw – the dog showing us his face

    h.264 – the dog’s rear-end

    Says it all :)

  • vincegortho on 05.12.13 @ 5:44AM

    My Mark3 used to overheat too often when shooting shortfilms under hot conditions .
    Shooting Raw seems like it might make this worse. And no Audio?
    Interesting. But I’ll just play it safe for production.

  • Why cannot this be done via HDMI out?

  • One last this the dog should of been the same as in the movie Tron… And sent to Canon.

  • All the negativity from people who haven’t actually shot any RAW footage with the MK3 is getting really annoying. I don’t have the latest build yet but I’ve been shooting 2 second 24p RAW bursts with an earlier build and the RAW video resolution is comparable to a 1080p downscaled RAW still, it looks fantastic and is leagues ahead of H.264. When ML sort out the bugs and release a stable beta the MK3 will be in a league of its own, there are no other full frame RAW cameras, period.

  • The simple fact that this is possible is astonishing, even more surprising however is the sheer amount of NFS readers who will find the time to be trolling around about it.
    I have been playing with the DNG files coming from the silent pics function for a couple of days and can only say that the results are fantastic, Lightroom reads the DNG with an increased sharpness and Magenta level (visible in the sample) and as it is RAW after all this can be adjusted with one click.
    I believe lorenco left all DNG settings the way the came out of the camera and simply pushed the the shadows and highlights to their limits to show the amazing available dynamic range these 14 bit images contain without considering the ignorance of those claiming it looks like shit, or even better, that this could have easily been achieved with regular h.264 footage by increasing the ambient light, common, for real? And what exactly is not practical about it?

    • Ah, and yes, there is no sound! Shit, its as if you give someone a blank check and he’d complain because he’ll actually have to fill in some numbers!

      • Hahaha! So true :)

        I just thought – have canon released a RAW shooting camera yet?

        Please say that someone beat them to it – that would be hilarious! :D

  • Happy Mother’s Day

  • rolling shutter is worst on raw. Look at the grass, feels like it made out of jelly.

    • vincegortho on 05.12.13 @ 3:53PM

      I thought I was the only one who saw this. Even on EOSHDs examples. The wobble-warp jello is very bad.

  • This tells me 2 things. First, that raw will be a very real part of our workflow in the near future. We knew that already from BMC, but this goes to show that other companies will be offering it as well, and most likely at affordable prices. At least less than Red.

    Second, that camera companies could give us way more than they are giving us. Don’t feed me crap about them not making money if they gave us everything we want. Please and delight your customers, and they will be customers for life. The first company that does this will own the market.

    Canon kinda did this on accident with the 5Dii, and tons of people bought into their ecosystem. But then they never improved their offerings of codecs, dynamic range, internal software, etc., and released a grossly overpriced 720p camera (C300). I will forever enjoy NOT buying Canon products. Nikon, unfortunately, is totally clueless when it comes to videography. Spoke to them at NAB this year and that was very clear, if it wasn’t already. Panasonic listens, and I really like them, but I think it’s hard for a lot videographers to buy into a format (micro 4/3) that may not exist in the future. BMC is so cool. But their cameras seem like prototypes. I’m so rooting for them though. Sony is funny. They spray out like 1000 products a month and hope one lands. I like them too. I just wish they’d listen more to filmmakers and focus on 1 or 2 solid and affordable products. Red only has 1 customer. His name is Jim and he’s really rich.

    Personally, I think what we filmmakers want is NOT resolution, dynamic range, raw, better audio, etc., what we want is an ecosystem. Of course we want all those things and more, but I think we all know that may never exist in 1 camera (for instance even the audio on an Epic sucks balls). So make your cameras modular (separate brain, i/o module, media module, power, etc), and let me buy into your ecosystem, once I’m in I may never leave. Of course, Red is already doing this, but has anyone seen the going rate for right testicles? You still couldn’t afford Red.

    Personally, as a filmmaker, I am hesitant about buying any of the camera offerings out there for fear of what will come out tomorrow. I know I’m not the only one. So give us a quality and affordable ecosystem (yes that is totally possible) and we will buy into it confidently knowing that when the newest sensor or whatever comes out, we can just replace that module (no I am not expecting a sensor upgrade path, besides $10,000 for a new sensor, really? #don’tdrinkthekoolaid). Don’t get me wrong, it’s really awesome to have all these options and I’m super excited about the times. But this 5Diii hack tells me waaaay more is possible than what we’re getting. And the camera company that finally sees and embraces this will rule.

    Kind of a rant. Hope someone is listening.

    • the C300 is not a 720p camera. That’s not even an argument, it’s just technically a wrong claim. c300 has a 4k sensor that output 1080p with no de-bayering. It’s a fantastic camera at an unattractive price.

      The ecosystem argument is nice, but I think it’s “be careful what you wish for.” Sensor upgrades – great. But when you look at what RED is really doing, it’s nickel and diming everyone to hell. $1000 batteries, $2,000 hammers… you know, like government type prices.

      • It shoots 60p at what resolution? Yes I know the tech specs, my point is that they delivered a crippled camera at an unattractive price. Regardless of the image (which I admit is nice) the camera was outdated before it was released, at a price most of us would only pay if it was really really worth it. And for most, it isn’t.

        Be careful what you wish for? I wish for a quality and affordable ecosystem.

        • It’s only unattractive to people who can’t afford it, because overall the C300 is getting loads of work. If it was overpriced, it would have died in the water. But for the 2 – 3 years that the C300 will have been out before more fully-featured cameras hit that price point en masse, Canon will have made all the money they needed to before matching competition standards. Then, they get to make more money off us with their next release.

          It’s only a matter of time until the market reaches consumer desire. But at that point we’ll have been convinced that 4K isn’t enough resolution, and we all need 6-8K in our cameras – and we still only want to pay under $5K for them!

      • Dave Mueller on 05.12.13 @ 12:09PM

        “Fantastic camera at an unattractive price” has got to be the best description I’ve ever read.

    • Everything about your rant says it all about the culture of digital complaint that “filmmakers” are currently embroiled in. It’s sad an laughable that in this new era of tools that are used by industry professionals is available to 14 years olds you choose not to use any of the above. Good lord man get a grip! I started with Super 8 and freakin’ Bolex’s in the early 80′s, you guys have seriously lost your minds, shut up and get to work!

  • “rolling shutter is worst on raw. Look at the grass, feels like it made out of jelly.”

    Dude, wow. I dunno what u’re on, but, I wanna consume that shit, too.

    I watched the 2 videos, and the ML video seems like a 4k resolution video. Its amazingly detailed.

    I guess, Canon and Nikon were deliberately holding this off, or were too lazy to spend this kindda money, for cheaper cameras, or, are Plain Stupid.

    My ONLY grouse against the guys at Magic Lantern, is that, their great work is limited to Canons. I wished they would bring their expertise to Panasonics and Nikons. It would provide some serious improvements. Most hacks on the GH2 are quite over-rated.

  • I know raw is fantastic. however, seems today a little far off for theses cameras, and although is true that you get a higher end on post production, it also takes up more resources.
    How about a robust prores recording with an ultra flat setting. do you guys feel that would be more effective for this sort of cameras?

    btw. i might be really useful while shooting big establishing shots.

  • He updated the raw videos, as he made a few mistakes:

  • Lady buys a Doberman. She takes him to the vet and gets his ears bobbed. A month later she takes him back and gets his tail bobbed. Finally she takes him back and gets him neutered. On the way home, the dog turns to the lady and says, “If you wanted a smaller dog, why didn’t you just buy a smaller dog?”

    Just buy a raw camera.

    • Ha! Excellent.

    • Actually this is more as if you owned a Chiguagua and woke up one day to discover that over night Alex & Co had come to inject him steroids, effectively turning him into a Doberman (although with a chiguagua brain)

      • And a Chiguagua on steroids is still not as good at being a doberman as a doberman is… The steroids analogy is apt, as Steroids commonly have undesirable side effects.

        This is a nice boost, and will add value for those who shoot stills but need video. But if what you’re looking for is RAW video and not stills then buying a camera designed for it makes a lot more sense.

        Also if the price of owning a BMCC (or BMPCC) and a 5D Mk3 is to much then I doubt that the data requirements of even this raw implementation are going to be all that feasible. Neglect the costs of storage at your peril.

    • Actually, this is nothing like that. If you’ve already purchased a 5D MkIII because you wanted a full frame sensor, or for one of the various other reasons there are for buying it over a BMCC (since it’s really the only comparably priced RAW camera), you now don’t have to go out and spend an additional $3-4k on a RAW camera. I love it when people scoff at things that are only meant to help people. This is an incredible advancement for those who own a 5D and can’t really afford another $3-4k cam just for RAW files.

      • Well, actually, that’s exactly what I meant…

        • Sean Connelly on 05.12.13 @ 2:37PM

          I know that’s what you meant, Raul, I was replying to the OP that you were replying to.

      • Absolutely, I got nothing but mad respect for guys like Alex, Bloom, Shane Hulburt and the whole NFS team. They do so much for us for no pay, just for the passion and love to spread knowledge and to help, then they have to put up with folks hiding behind avatars, with no contribution to the community trashing them, attacking them and even calling them names. Thanks Alex and ML team, I hope u will turn my doberman Mk II also into a ‘small dog’.

    • i think the analogy is more along the lines of, guy buys a japanese blowfish because the blowfish can allegedly talk. gets the blowfish home, and it says: by the way, i can also cook, clean and do cancer research, but my breeder told me not to tell you that.

      or something.

    • +1 for ronn’s just buy a raw camera

    • Ronn, uhh yeah, we all have money to burn. You sir are the best example of a jack—

    • Ronn, if YOU have the money to buy a Raw camera, congrats! But why is it annoying for you if WE can get Raw images with our DSLRs? (I’m sorry if my English is not good enough)

    • “Lady buys a Doberman”. And Ron bought the camera for 10 thousand dollars at a time, as the camera for 3 thousand doing everything the same. Camera is not Doberman, Ronn.

    • It’s raw, people. Not RAW. Raw is not an acronym, just a word to describe uncompressed images…

    • Seriously? Raw capabilities with a sensor that smashes the BMCC’s low light capabilities? 20+ Megapixel stills and is near the same price?

      If you own the BMCC and want good stills buy a DSLR, if you own a 5Dmk3 and want raw video….. download FREE software….. One camera will do it all.

      Over the next month I’m picking we will see some huge leaps forward with the ML software, as with everything they have done, they have only just scratched the surface.

      Watch this space!!

  • Very interesting indeed. I’ll be excited to try this out. I wonder however if it would be easier to implement a high-quality JPEG sequence shooting mode. I’ve shot timelapses that way and it’s a plenty flexible format, way better than H.264 for sure.

  • my question is shutter life if this is burst mode how long will it last before your sending the camera to canon for a new shutter

    • Ehem… I remember seing this question in a forum when the video function of the 5D2 was announced… just like in video, there is no shutter action, in fact this will safe your shutter life in case you use for timelapse

    • It uses the electronic shutter

    • It’s not using the burst mode but the “Yuv 422 module”, so don’t worry about your shutter, it will not be affected..

  • I think a couple of things people should look into while considering this:
    1. Over heating
    2. 14.8 minutes of footage on a 64GB card. 1000 x are very expensive cards at that. Might be prudent to look into having a workflow system to dump cards on site.

  • So this is a raw 14 bit full frame…

  • I believe it’s 12 bit. 3MB per frame, 24 frames per second, which is 72MB a second, which is 4320MB a minute or 4.3 GB a minute. 64 GB divided by 4.3 = 14,8 minutes.

  • Great news for those who were waiting for this. But for me, DSLR video recording is done. Long live the real camcorders !

    • Real camcorders? What does that even mean? How more “real” can you get than RAW vista-vision?

      I mean, I’m a huge fan of Blackmagic and such… but “real-camcorders”? That’s dumb. IIRC, camcorders are for broadcast, sports, and home-videos. “Camcorders” to me, mean 60i crap footage. Long live DIGITAL MOTION cameras!

      • Even cheap camcorders have been doing 1080p24 for a very long time. Not shallow DOF or wide dynamic range, but still a lot nicer than 60i. For some shots, a camcorder in 24p mode is 10x easier than a DSLR for essentially the same result. Know the tools that are available and use them appropriately.

        • Oh I know. I was just making the point that “camcorders” are kind of an item of the past these days…

          “For some shots, a camcorder in 24p mode is 10x easier than a DSLR for essentially the same result.”

          Yea, for sports or interviews maybe. They all look like video still. I’ve owned a XH-A1 myself… and shot on nearly everything else from HPX’s to the EX3′s… they all look cheap. No matter what. Impossible to get beyond the video look. Some audiences might now notice on some shots, but it’s always been quite obvious on the projects I’ve done…

  • BRAVO. YOU GUYS ROCK! Magic Lantern gets a standing ovation. I am rooting for your guys to figure this out.

  • Seriously awesome news , was just thinking imagine if you could hook this up to an eye-fi card. Taking the issue the storage out. Anyway probably thinking ahead of myself i dont own a 5d or used ML yet. Congrats to the guys cracking the code to make this happen :)

  • Can ML hack my BMC and give me audio meters and time remaining on disk? Thanks in advance!

  • visually this looks awesome, much more dynamic range in the raw clip. I wonder about the 7D, thats the camera I own.

    • Yeah, for me, it’s all about that amazing DR. The sharpness is a phenomenal bonus. I have a 60D, and this could resuscitate the usefulness of the APS-C sensor for me. Biggest problem on my end would be the SD cards, unfortunately.

  • Strawberry Cow on 05.12.13 @ 5:50PM

    Amazing! Now, what will be really interesting is if they can get RAW on the less expensive EOS cameras. Imagine being able to record RAW on a sub $1k camera.

    • lol – you can – its called the BM pocket cam and its $995, no hack needed. Oh it also shoots amazing 10bit 4:2:2 prores.

      Still this news is completely amazing. Actually Im more excited about the possibility of 720p raw at 48fps – sure its 720 but its RAW with heaps of detail and no one else is doing raw overcrank for anywhere near the price of a 5D3!

      • well… actually you cant have it yet.

      • if you can record this to an external recorder perhaps you wont need tons of cards… than you would have a baby alexa ı guess

        • Strawberry Cow on 05.13.13 @ 3:35PM

          Maybe some independent electrical engineer could come up with a cheap solution for storing the RAW data. Maybe something that plugs into the SD card slot to access the SPI bus which could be channeled to an external drive such as an SSD? That wouldn’t take much right? Maybe just an ARM processor?

  • I think this is great news for amateur photographers and filmmakers. I’m both and this feature adds just enough value to the 5DMKIII to make me consider upgrading from my T2i. Since I don’t do either professionally it doesn’t make sense for me to buy an additional RAW camera that costs a ton and takes crap photos. After this update I’ll be able to get a camera that takes great photos for vacations, events, work, AND great video for the same, AND in addition allow me to pursue amateur filmmaking by giving me a tool that was already good enough for feature films and will become a much, MUCH better tool for filmmaking. Anyone who can’t see the phenomenal value being added there is either a troll or a dick. DSLRs have already democratized filmmaking and art so much, and this addition will take that another step further. Think of all the people who couldn’t film in RAW before who will be once this update rolls out. Kids who inherit their Dad’s MKIII in 5 years will be able to make films with more dynamic range and detail than many that hit the screen in the last few years. How many more people will get to work with RAW video who wouldn’t have before? This is great for present and future 5D owners (because obviously there’s already tremendous value in owning a 5D) and the guys at ML deserve a big round of applause, in fact, I’m gonna head over there now and give them another donation even though I don’t own a 5D.

    • I agree with Andrew completely. Ignore the trolls telling you that this ML update is meaningless and that Black Magic is still the way to go with your money. BM doesn’t have jank on the new RAW video capabilities in DSLRs now. I still don’t think people are getting the big picture of this significance; shared this article on FB and a majority of my video contacts just went, “Meh, I’ll save up and buy a BMC”.

      Mark iii really is a remarkable model to begin with, and that alone would totally make an investment worthwhile.

  • does magic lanterns raw video update work with the new filmware 1.2.1 or is it only with the 1.1.3?

  • We need this on Nikon D800 and Gh3. Having this could be really great.
    What about those cameras, is anyone doing these upgrades for? Because are really great cameras and we need these upgrades.
    (not a native speaker)

  • I have some 1000x SD cards by Lexar, I wonder how those will work recording raw in my 5D3. Worth testing since I also have Lexar CF cards but they are only 600x.

  • Does anyone know – if one updates the 5D mkiii with Magic Lantern software can the camera still be setup to “old” Canon standard settings, or will it now only shoot RAW? Obviously, some project would be nice to shoot more than a few seconds per gig!

  • most people dont know the first thing about raw footage or what it means or what to do with it,,they dont know how to grade or color,they dont know how to convert or work with it in editor,,and you have to know how to work with raw in post,,or your footage will look like crap and you will ruin your excitement about raw…..raw,,,raw,,raw,,its really a pain in the ass if you dont know how to work it,,its really a pain even if you do,,working with unprocessed footage means you need huge amounts of space on your drive,,it means hiuge abouts of mem cards in camera,,it means you will be in for a lot of work,,,how long before the average joe gets tired of working with his raw,,?raw,,raw,,,raw,

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