Cold War Kids' "I've Seen Enough" is multi-color, multi-angle

The interactive video for Cold War Kids' "I've Seen Enough" video isn't multi-angle -- it's more "multi-take" -- but the idea is the same. While I designed a multi-angle music video player in a similar vein for MTV (it's in my portfolio -- scroll down to the second image), what interests me most isn't multi-angle storytelling but rather multi-story storytelling, where more than one narrative thread is unfolding simultaneously -- and the viewer has a choice as to which one they follow. My in-and-out-of-development project 3rd Rail is exactly this.

Here's the Cold War Kids video:

Video is no longer available:!v=lVcdKPP8ats

Definitely better to experience the full interactive version unless you're on dial-up -- or one of those pesky Apple devices that don't do Flash.

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