Social-network-224x140I'm not sure why this project is holding my attention so. David Fincher and Sony Pictures aren't exactly DIY filmmaking, so it's not hugely topical to this site. And on the list of true stories I'd like to see told by Hollywood, the founding of Facebook isn't on top. But with the official trailer for The Social Network hitting the web today, I can't help but stay interested in the project. The RED-shot film is loosely based on the book The Accidental Billionaires and the trailer is masterfully cut to a choral version of Radiohead's Creep by the Scala and Kolacny Brothers. The film itself will be scored by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, who says of the film, "it's really fucking good. And dark!" Trent Reznor is calling a film about Facebook "dark?" Maybe that's why I'm interested.

I posted a brief teaser here before, saying Sony is treating the film "very seriously." Perhaps this is why I'm interested -- they're not even trying to market it as a feel-good, get-rich-quick story in order to get butts in seats. They're marketing it as a serious movie for adults, and that's risky in a box office economy where "families are the ones going to the movies these days. Perhaps the only ones."