WwwIndependent Film Week (IFW) takes place every September in New York, and it's a whirlwind event chock full of panels, screenings, networking events, and meetings. One part of IFW is the Project Forum, wherein filmmakers meet with financiers, producers, distributors, and other enablers. Films participating in the Project Forum range from those in the development stage to those in need of finishing funds. I'm happy to announce that 3rd Rail, the transmedia project I've been working on with Zack Lieberman (my co-writer/director on The West Side), has been selected to participate in the No Borders International Co-Production Market.

No Borders accounts for 25 out of the 150 films (including both narrative and documentary entries) participating in the Project Forum. Our project 3rd Rail was previously selected for London's Pixel Pitch event, and we've also shopped the project around to just about every studio in Hollywood. Suffice to say that transmedia projects are a hard sell because they're new, and the revenue models are somewhat unknown. Zack and I are currently piecing together a strategy for sharing the project publicly, so we'll have more on 3rd Rail in the weeks and months to come. For now, here's the official IFP press release:

Project Forum is the centerpiece of Independent Film Week, designed specifically as a place for industry to meet with new talent, as well as discover fresh projects from emerging and veteran filmmakers. The program is also qualitatively and quantitatively the best opportunity in the nation for independent film and media artists to find funders, supporters and/or producers.

I've previously participated in Independent Film Week as a panelist, and I can say that it's a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded independent film folk from all over the country (and indeed, the world). For filmmakers interested in participating in the Project Forum next year -- this goes for anyone, not just New Yorkers -- mark your calendars: deadlines to apply for the three different programs fall in April and May. The three programs are:

  • Emerging Narrative - For writers and writer/directors seeking producers and agents to develop, produce, represent, and finance their scripts.
  • No Borders International Co-Production Market - For producers with partial financing seeking additional partners and funders.
  • Spotlight on Documentaries – For filmmakers in production or post seeking financing partners, broadcast, distribution, and festival invitations..

There are a lot of well-respected and better-known filmmakers selected for this year's Project Forum; Zack and I are honored to be among them. Congratulations to the other participants!

Link: 150 New Films for IFP’s 2010 Project Forum