Image-2Unbeknownst to many, Canon has been quietly shipping a new version of the Canon 7D. Does this mean your current 7D is obsolete? Not at all. The new package, referred as the Studio Version of the camera, consists of an internally-modified 7D body packaged with the WFT-E5A wireless file transmitter. For DSLR filmmakers, what does this mean?

Nothing. The Studio Version of the camera is simply an update that allows the DSLR to catalog bar codes without being tethered to a laptop. As far as I know, this is a DSLR first, but there are no differences when it comes to image and video capture. Here's ProVideo Coalition's Clint Melby on the update:

I’m happy to say to all the 7D HDSLR shooters: relax and breathe deeply. Because unless you’ve got a side job taking pictures of the Easter Bunny at the mall or shooting mug shots down at the county jail, these features are essentially meaningless.

Of note: The Canon 7D currently has a $500 rebate at B&H if you purchase the very-well reviewed Pro9500 photo printer at the same time. Purchases via those links help support No Film School, which is obviously why I pointed out this rebate!