NvidialogoApple users who edit with Adobe Premiere Pro will be interested to know that nVidia has released Mac drivers for their latest graphics cards, which should give Mac users some decent Adobe editing options. Specifically, this pertains to hackintoshers, as it seems the nVidia GTX 285 graphics card that I originally recommended has been discontinued.

While Hackintosh site TonyMac has reported that nVidia has released Mac drivers for their latest GTX cards, I don't find anything about such a driver release on the main nVidia site. However, according to TonyMac these newer GPUs should work great in a Hackintosh. I've listed a few options: the GTX 460, GTX 465, GTX 470, GTX 480, and GTX 580. In a separate post, TonyMac singles out the 460 and 470 as "fully compatible cards." If you're putting together a Hackintosh today, choose the card that fits your budget. Note that in order to get Adobe CS5 to recognize these newer cards for CUDA acceleration, you may have to follow these instructions -- despite Mac driver support, Premiere Pro does its own check. And be sure to use these updated drivers for the installation process.

I'm in the middle of editing a project right now so I can't upgrade to OS X 10.6.5 in order to test these new nVidia drivers, but they're supposed to give GTX 285 users better performance as well. Here are the cards, ranging from $170 to $500:

In the guide I mention that I hope others building their own machines, and contributing their knowledge, will make it a more helpful resource (every page, after all, has its own comments section). So far that has definitely been the case, so please keep it up! If you build a machine with any of these cards, please contribute your experiences in the Hackintosh GPU page.