23Redrock Micro has launched their M3 35mm Lens Adapter, billed as "the definitive 35mm lens adapter for achieving remarkable film look with your existing video camera." However, the first question that comes to my mind is why anyone would spend $1,320 on a 35mm lens adapter when the same amount of money could get you a quality DSLR with an actual large sensor (like, say, the Canon 60D). No matter how good a 35mm adapter is, it is not going to offer you the low-light sensitivity of a true large sensor. Seeing this reasoning, Redrock has attempted to answer this HDSLR question:

The popularity wave of HDSLR cameras has come with a realization these cameras come with a host of shortcomings. Among them, lack of good integrated audio, a limited recording codec, lack of full manual controls, and rolling shutter issues. Combined with a video camera, the M3 delivers the highly desired HDSLR “film look” while eliminating the drawbacks of HDSLR cameras. An M3 rig and HDSLR cameras can be used together for a high quality multi-camera solution that brings the best of both worlds together in an incredible affordable package.


If you're in the market for a 35mm adapter (to me, the rolling shutter issue is the chief advantage of a video camera/35mm adapter combo over a DSLR), the M3 might be worth a look.

Link: Redrock M3
[via DV Culture]