O-ventures-224x86Here's an interesting idea. Scripped is a sort of Google Docs for screenplays, in that is stores your script in the cloud (making it accessible from anywhere, and theoretically impervious to data loss). There's also an online community allowing realtime collaboration and feedback, and there are a number of ongoing screenwriting contests as well. Scripped is free to use, with upgraded features available as a paid subscription. Here's a look at it in action:

From the tone of the video, I suppose they're going for amateur screenwriters as opposed to professionals. While I can see the advantages of storing a script in the cloud, it's hard to imagine needing an internet connection to write (oftentimes I find the opposite is true -- that I need to turn off the internet in order to write -- though Scripped does apparently offer an offline mode). Also, Scripped offers public sharing and modification of each other's scripts (similar to the much-maligned Amazon Studios), which could be nice if you're looking for collaborators or feedback.

I have a hard time seeing the social component of screenwriting taking off, as writing to me is a solitary process that might be bettered by one or two collaborators -- but not hundreds. Still, Scripped joins Celtx as another free-to-start screenplay option (Celtx is the free option I recommend in the No Film School newsletter), and for that reason alone it's worth keeping tabs on.

What do you think -- could you see yourself using a Google Docs-like application for screenwriting?

Link: Scripped - Free Screenwriting Software