Scenechronize2-224x131Scenechronize is a browser-based production tool that breaks down scripts, prints sides, helps with scheduling, and does a number of other production tasks that I don't have experience with myself.

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It looks similar to Movie Magic Budgeting, except Scenechronize is a web-based, and instead of a flat price of $500 it's modular and is priced anywhere from free to $2,800. In the works since 2006, the program's creators claim Warner Bros. and Columbia Pictures are already using it. An example screen:


This isn't exactly my area of expertise, as I've not (yet) worked with large enough budgets or crew sizes to necessitate full breakdowns. And when I do -- which should be sometime this year -- I hope to be able to turn this over to qualified professionals. Nevertheless, browser-based production software is certainly feasible, as I use Google Docs far more than the Microsoft Office suite these days, because of the convenience of being able to access documents from anywhere. It's worth noting, however, that Scenechronize does offer PDF and Excel export formats for those times when you're not connected to the cloud.

Anyone out there have any experience with Scenechronize or similar production tools?

Link: Scenechronize - Production Tools for Production Professionals