Curl-curl-on-vimeo1-224x93Director Jason Wingrove has posted a number of beatific shorts filmed at the same Australian sea pool. This isn't a scientific test by any means, as each short was shot on a different day; but while it may be difficult to compare cameras when what's in front of the lens is different, it also makes for more interesting viewing since you're not watching the exact same thing over and over again. Kudos to Jason for some beautiful shots. First up is the RED EPIC shoot, which was done at 120fps:

Even at only 720p, the clarity of the RED EPIC is impressive. Now take a look at the 60p Sony F3 piece I shared previously, shot at the same location (though in more favorable lighting conditions):

And here's the Canon 5D Mark II, which can't shoot any faster than 30p (thus no slow-motion):

It's always nice to be reminded of how revolutionary -- yes, revolutionary -- the 5D is/was. No, it's not better by any means -- even on the leveled-off playing field of compressed 720p web video -- but it sure is more affordable. FreshDV has a couple more 5D shorts, too. Any reactions to these clips (other than the desire to go for an oceanside swim)?