Surfing-canon-7d-224x117Devin Graham filmed surfers off Oahu's North Shore with his Canon 7D and a 2X teleconverter (which converts his 70-200mm and 100-400mm lenses to 140-400mm and 200-800mm, respectively). As with other action sports that look great slowed-down, surfing benefits from super slow-mo, and so Dylan used After Effects to take his 60fps clips all the way down to 1,000fps. Here's the result:

Here's Dylan on his slow-mo-ification technique:

To get the "super slow motion", after I filmed at 60fps, I through it into the program "After Effects". I used an effect that comes with the program called "Time Warp". This allowed me to make the 60fps, to 1000fps. The way this works is the computer processes/adds frames in between the frames that are already in existence. It took several days for the computer to process the clips into the super slow motion that appears as well, so it does take a lot out of the computer, as far as processing goes. Another similar program that does something similar to this slow motion effect, is a program called "Twixtor". It's another great program that is very similar, however you have to buy it as a separate plugin, and it is a little expensive, but if you do a lot of slow motion, it's totally worth it :)

And here's a tutorial on using the Timewarp effect (on a surf video, no less) in AE:

[via PetaPixel]