Possible-futures-logo-224x84The Possible Futures Film Contest is now open for submissions of 1-5 minute shorts. I like the sound of this contest, as submitted films should "envision a new, positive, possible future for the world. One that is environmentally sustainable, socially just, peaceful and spiritually fulfilling." The contest is put on by The Pachamama Alliance, located in the Ecuadorian Amazon (where, coincidentally, I shot a short doc several years ago). Here's a video about the positive-themed contest, which runs until June 21st:

It's nice to see a contest specifically looking for meaning and message; to wit, here's the judging criteria.

The contest is about the passion of global voices coming together to share visions of a positive future. An essential factor is your relationship with the subjects of the categories. It isn’t important whether your film is made with a high definition camera or a camera phone – it is simply a matter of the heart of your story and what it represents for humanity.

Awards total $30k and include a $10k and $5k cash prize (each of which comes with a trip to the Amazon), a $2,500 People's Choice award and four $1,000 People's Choice category winners. Check it out:

Link: Possible Futures Film Contest