Panasonic-gh2-vs-canon-t3i-224x126First of all, Technicolor has released a new version (click on the "Registered User Download" tab) of its CineStyle LUT compatible with Red Giant's LUT Buddy and Apple Color. Given CineStyle is proving tremendously popular with Canon DSLR shooters, how do the Canon DSLRs with the Technicolor picture profile compare with the Panasonic GH2? Andrew Reid from EOSHD shot a video comparing the two:

As is often the case in these tests, the Canons don't fare too well when A/B'd with the GH2. While I certainly don't expect the Canon's resolution to hold up to the greater resolving power of the GH2, I do think that some of the Canon shots could've been graded more favorably. Here's Andrew's conclusion (note the Canon 600D is known as T3i in North America):

My opinion is that the GH2 looks more 'real' and the 600D looks more 'cinema'. Oddly, RAW stills confirm that the GH2's sensor has less dynamic range to begin with relative to the 600D (and especially the 5D Mark II) - but clearly the Canon is not running away with it. The Canons lose so much in the scaling process, not just detail and a clean image but tonality and dynamic range. The GH2 holds onto a hell of a lot, so even though the Canons have sensors capable of wider dynamic range, the GH2 still beats them, CineStyle or no CineStyle.

Click through to his article for more thoughts.

Link: Canon 600D Technicolor CineStyle versus GH2 Cinema Mode