Cine-gear-expo-homeAs a first-time attendee, one of the things that surprised me about NAB in Las Vegas was the fact that the majority of the trade show was focused on broadcast and delivery tools. Cinema production and post-production tools were secondary, which makes sense -- it's the National Association of Broadcasters, after all. But there is an annual trade show specifically for motion picture tools, and that is Cine Gear, which took place in Los Angeles this past weekend. I didn't fly across the country to check it out, but I've rounded up some of the more relevant coverage from several sites that did cover the show; here's part one, covering Sony, RED, Technicolor, and Zeiss:

Before we get started, east coasters should note that Cine Gear Expo NY comes to New York City on September 24 and 25th. Onto the LA show: has news that Sony's 4K F65 will come in under $100k (thank you, RED) and be available to order in September 2011:

On top of that, to do away with CMOS skew the F65 will have a mechanical rotary shutter option as well as Wi Fi communication:

And lest anyone think Sony isn't gunning for RED (as I noted previously with Sony's F3 announcement), here's some side-by-side RED and F3 footage (recorded on the Convergent Gemini) from the Cine Gear show (this isn't of high enough resolution to be judged qualitatively, but just the fact that they're showing it should tell you something):

Meanwhile Jared Abrams from Wide Open Camera got the latest from RED about their EPIC camera and REDUCATION program:

Over in the lens world, FreshDV takes a look at Zeiss's popular CP.2 lenses, delineating the differences between $3,900 and $1,800 lenses (which feature the same optics):


Finally, Chris Marino from Wide Open Camera talks with Josh Pines of Technicolor about their CineStyle picture profile for Canon DSLRs, which has apparently logged 30k downloads so far: