Sonynxcam-lg1-224x156Sony's new 35mm camcorder, the PMW-F3, is listing for a less-than-expected $13,000 at B&H. Not coincidentally, this is the same price as RED's recently re-named Super35mm EPIC-S camera (formerly known as SCARLET). Sony and RED are thus going head-to-head at the $12k price point; however, Sony is looking to release a prosumer version of the PMW-F3, the as-yet-unnamed NXCAM (some are unofficially dubbing it the HXR-NX35), for half the price. Not coincidentally, RED's 2/3" fixed-lens SCARLET is also targeting this same price point, which means Sony and RED are releasing competing cameras at both the $6k and $12k price points. Here's a look at the fixed-lens 28-200mm RED SCARLET, which was demonstrated publicly for the first time at CES:

This model of SCARLET, however, has a 2/3" sensor. Meanwhile Sony is targeting the same price point with their NXCAM, which will have the same sized (though probably not the exact same sensor) as its big brother: Super35mm. This certainly makes the Sony seem more appealing at first glance, but there's more to a camera than sensor size. Here is a look from at the Sony prototype at CES:

Not a particularly informative video, but at least it shows the camera does exist... When it comes down to it, there are a lot of outstanding questions regarding both cameras. Will the Sony allow for an uncompressed HDMI output? What audio options will it have? How about lens mounts, will there be a PL/Canon/Nikon adapter to enable use of lenses other than Sony E-mount glass? Will the RED really cost $6k, or will adding accessories effectively double the price? When will it actually ship? In the months to come, we'll get answers to all of these questions, but if you're looking to move up from shooting on a HDSLR, the $6k price point is certainly more attainable than the $12k. Any thoughts on these competing offerings from Sony and RED? If they were available today and you had the cash, which do you think you'd buy?