H5185_av2Perhaps overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the release of Final Cut Pro X is the fact that Apple's other video editing-friendly technology, Thunderbolt, is finally here. While the port has been shipping on the latest Mac computers, until now there were no currently-shipping RAID storage products compatible with the speedy new interface. On the official Apple store, four products from manufacturer Promise are now available. Priced between $1k-2k, here are the four available options:

Here's a very brief clip of Apple's now-discontinued NLE pulling 800MB/sec through a single Thunderbolt cable running to one of these Pegasus R6 units:

More info on these drives here.

In related news, Sony also announced the first non-Mac laptop with Thunderbolt support, which is hopefully an indicator that the high-speed interface -- which was jointly developed by Intel -- will become more widespread.

Finally, Apple has also released a $50 Thunderbolt cable.

[via AppleInsider]