500x_mac-os-x-lion1-224x137The No Film School Hackintosh was faster than the Mac Pro at half the price. And now it's even faster... and cheaper. Intel Sandy Bridge processors are the latest silicon from Intel, but are unavailable on the Mac Pro. Apple's pro machine is not only prohibitively expensive, but seldom receives updates, making it the unfortunate combination of overpriced and outdated. With Sandy Bridge processors now running successfully in OS 10.6.8, it's time for the latest Hackintosh update. I've revised the guide to include the latest processor, motherboard, and GPU options, so if you were thinking about building a machine, here's how. Also, this machine should work on OS X Lion just fine.

Build-a-hackintoshWhy should it work on Lion? First of all, Lion has to be backwards-compatible with existing Apple hardware, and that's what we're emulating. Second, the developer's version of Lion is already running on Hackintoshes. As far as I know, the previous hackintosh models should also work great in Lion. When Lion is released to the public (it just went gold), I'll update the hackintosh guide with any changes.

Also, I've updated the No Film School Hackintosh (previous model) to 10.6.8. If you're running one of the previous builds, to also update yours, download the 10.6.8 combo update. Then, run MultiBeast, select your DSDT, and make sure to follow these instructions (yes, even though you did it before, you need to do it again, because 10.6.8 will overwrite your audio kexts, etc). Restart and you should be up and running on 10.6.8. If you have problems, try this thread at tonymac.

Link: How to Build a Sandy Bridge Hackintosh