Background2-224x126Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul is a free, awesome-looking eBook coming in September from some heavy-hitters in the indie film scene. The book is a series of case studies that "dive deep into the real numbers and real details of independent film distribution," and will be released free in September during Independent Film Week here in New York -- when I'll be taking meetings about my first feature film, Man-child. You may have heard of it? I just launched a Kickstarter campaign and I'm counting on your support! How's that for an example of selling my film without selling my soul?!? Check out the book's video trailer:

The book is presented by Prescreen and is co-authored by full-service indie nonprofit The Film Collaborative, filmmaker and distribution guru Jon Reiss (I called his first book [easyazon-link asin="098257620X"]Think Outside the Box Office[/easyazon-link] a "great gift for filmmakers"), and marketing strategist and social media expert Sheri Candler. Yeah, it's free (after Independent Film Week is over, it will cost $4.99). Yeah, it sounds like essential reading. Yeah, it'll be available on iBooks, Kindle, PDF, you name it. You might as well just sign up to be notified by email about the book's release now. But if you need some more convincing, here are some more selling points:

  • case studies of a number of narrative features and documentaries
  • spans across genres and demographic appeal
  • provides concrete and helpful examples of what to do and what not to do when it comes to independent film distribution
  • data and careful analysis from multiple points of view
  • something filmmakers and industry professionals seek
  • includes interviews with filmmakers to offer first-hand perspective
  • reveals numbers and real details in a totally transparent manner
  • the first of its kind, never been done before

Link: Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul