Cineskates-224x123Ever since those iPod Nano watches raised almost a million dollars on Kickstarter, it's been clear that crowdfunding campaigns like helping an indie filmmaker make his first feature film pale in comparison to efforts where backers are simply pre-buying a cool gizmo. An alarmingly small percentage of the population is buying or renting movies, and it follows that it's harder to persuade folks to back a project if the only reward is a DVD -- thus my effort to also send the unique frames of Man-child to backers, so they'll receive a more personalized reward for helping make it a reality. Okay, back to the gizmos, as this one's very cool: CineSkates are a set of custom-designed rollerblade wheels paired with a [easyazon-link asin="B003II3FD0"]Joby Gorillapod Focus[/easyazon-link] tripod that allow for some very cool low-angle shots with an HDSLR. Check out the Kickstarter campaign, which reached its funding goal in a single day and still has over a month to go:

Check out the Kickstarter campaign if you want a pair -- they're $150 on their own or $275 with the required [easyazon-link asin="B003II3FD0"]Joby hardware[/easyazon-link]. As you can see in the widget below, they've already crossed the 500% funded mark -- amazing. I think I might just have to get a set, given this could be useful on a basketball film. Of course, if you're thinking of dropping hundreds of dollars on a camera accessory, please think about dropping a few dollars on a feature film! [thanks, Jacques]