2koos-224x124I assume by now you've seen my Kickstarter video, which features two of me composited into one shot. Everyone knows how to do this -- set up the camera on a tripod, don't move it between takes, and film both sides one after the other -- but it's not a very "good" effect if you're trying to go for something that isn't so obvious. One way to make the effect more subtly convincing is to make it a handheld shot, and while I didn't take my campaign video this far, I thought I'd use the video to show one way of compositing two people into a more naturalistic, shaky shot using After Effects. Here's the tutorial (which is pretty basic, but may be educational to anyone new to After Effects):

You'll want to full-screen the video to be able to read the on-screen text.

The difference is subtle, but do you think it makes the effect more convincing? For reference, here's the original Kickstarter video (now on Vimeo in HD):