Filmdiy-prescreen-224x144If VOD is the future of film distribution and Netflix isn't paying indies much, we'd all better hope for some new -- and successful -- players in the digital film distribution space. Dynamo Player was one of the first out of the gate, and Distrify looks great. Amazon VOD and YouTube Rentals are also players, or you could always try to build your own VOD portal. Now there are two more options; here are the video pitches from newcomers FilmDIY and Prescreen:

FilmDIY takes a 30% cut; I wasn't able to find that number for Prescreen (which, it's worth noting, is currently presenting the absolutely essential distribution book Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul free). I'm about halfway through the book now, and it's chock full of the kind of up-to-date information that all indies should be aware of. One of those rare "priceless but free" resources that you shouldn't miss -- free through the end of September.

Back to the topic of Prescreen and FilmDIY -- any thoughts?


[via Brian Newman and Ted Hope]