Gerd_leonhard_media_futuristMedia futurist Gerg Leonhard's presentation at DES may not concern filmmakers in the sense that he's talking about how to make movies in the future. But he is talking about the way media will be distributed and consumed going forward. You can look at this presentation a couple of ways: "none of this has anything to do with being a DIY filmmaker" -- or, in the era of the artist-entrepeneur, all of this has to do with being a DIY filmmaker (as both a content creator and a distributor). I think it's worth a watch:

I hope you found the presentation interesting; it certainly doesn't hurt to think about this stuff. Luck favors the prepared! And when I wish Kickstarter would share data with project creators, it's because data is extremely valuable -- indeed, Leonhard compares it to black gold:


[via Sheri Candler]