Red-arri-224x67Resolution. Sensor size. Frame rates. Dynamic range. These are terms we're used to hearing in the ongoing battle between camera manufacturers. Now there's another term you can add to the mix in the battle between RED and ARRI: "lawsuit." This one's not particularly straightforward, as it seems camera shop Band Pro's President and CEO, Amnon Band, had his email hacked by former employee Michael Bravin after Bravin left Band Pro for ARRI. ARRI is quick to point out that Bravin acted on his own, but the plot thickens as RED's Jim Jannard mentioned that his emails were also accessed illegally. Given there is no such thing as a pretty legal battle, this could get ugly:


Bravin has pled guilty of accessing Band Pro emails from December 2009 through June 2010. Jim Jannard says his full time job is dealing with ARRI now, and that "Unfortunately, this will get messy. Not what anyone would vote for. Certainly not me." When asked if ARRI was suing RED, RED's Jarred Land replied that the opposite is true. We'll see what comes of this... The full legal document is below.

Link: US District Court, Central District of California PDF