Sony-vg20-224x99I suppose it makes sense that with the $5,000 FS100 out there, Sony would not want to make the newly-announced $1,600 VG20 a direct competitor. At the same time, you'd think they would want the picture quality of the VG20 to be significantly better than the $600 NEX-5N hybrid camera. But here's some video evidence from EOSHD's Andrew Reid that shows otherwise:

Those are some pretty hideous moire and aliasing artifacts. Andrew doesn't mince words in his post, stating the following:

The VG20 is an absolute piece of crap. This is a camera that is meant to sit below the FS100 and is a good $1700 more expensive than the NEX-5N and yet it has a plethora of disadvantages compared to the diminutive mirrorless camera. It brings so little to the party for that extra $1700 namely a top handle and better audio. But in adding those, it also brings massive operational and build quality frustrations to the hapless operator.

See the full review at EOSHD for more.

Link: Sony NEX 5N *vs* FS100 and NEX VG20 – hands on comparison - EOSHD

[thanks, Samuel]