Along with those intriguing hybrid cameras, Sony also made the NEX-VG20 official today, replacing the VG10. The VG20 shoots at 1080/60p (50p in PAL countries) using a 16 megapixel APS-HD CMOS sensor (what size is that, exactly?) and takes both Sony E-mount and A-mounts lenses, which should also allow for third-party adapters. Here's the promo video:

Here's another look at the camera, although it's German it is subtitled in English, which is where I took the "fulfills the needs of filmmakers" quote from:

There are some ghosting issues in the latter video, though that could be a problem with the output file and not the camera originals. If I remember correctly, the VG10 was plagued by aliasing problems, which presumably Sony will have tried to fix this time around; we'll see. While the camera is a prosumer model, it will be interesting to see what happens when one sticks some manual focus prime lenses on it and ignores the more consumerish features such as touchscreen focus and the built-in microphone. Interestingly enough, despite the fact that the VG20 is primarily a video camera, it will also ship with a RAW stills mode (which the VG10 lacked). A surround-sound mic completes the package, which will be released in November for a retail price of $1,600 (body only) and $2,200 with lens. Thoughts?

[via Digital Camera Review]