Scarletx-224x114Sebastian at Cinema5D has released a short film shot on his Canon-mount SCARLET, and some very nice video overviews to go with it. Since you can't get your hands on a RED camera at a normal camera shop -- they only sell direct -- these video overviews are very helpful. Here's the short, which was shot in 3 hours on the Canon 24-70mm f2.8L lens (more details on the shoot here) and graded in DaVinci Resolve:

Sebastian and crew recorded sound to a Zoom H4n -- they couldn't get audio working on the SCARLET, likely because the SCARLET (and EPIC) have balanced 1/8" inputs. These are nonstandard 1/8" inputs -- they are superior to unbalanced stereo mini input, but require special adapters (I have two of these, which work, and also one of these, which I haven't unpacked yet).

Onto the video overviews. These are collectively less of a review and more of a well-done introduction to the camera. Note via FreshDV that there are reports of firmware 2.0.5, which is the release version for SCARLET, causing issues on EPIC cameras -- though 2.0.5 is still marked as BETA for EPIC cameras.

I'm going to leave this one up to you guys to evaluate. What do you think of the images?

Link: Short film shot on RED Scarlet-X - Cinema5D

[via FreshDV]