Image-224x180Own a Panasonic AF100? Need a new monitor for your color suite? If you answered yes to both, Panasonic's second annual "Shoot It. Share It" competition could be exactly what you're looking for. Panasonic wants videos under 5 minutes, and the grand prize winner chosen by a panel of judges will take home a sweet 42" Professional Plasma Display. In the interest of fairness, here's an AF100 video that meets their criteria but hasn't been uploaded to the website:

The "Shoot It. Share It" contest has 5 categories: nature, short film, commercial, music video, documentary and student. Each person can submit up to 5 videos, with a maximum length of 5 minutes each. From their website, here's the judging criteria:

  • Filmmaking / shot design: The judges will consider how well your short film is composed in a technical sense
  • Creativity / inventiveness: The judges will also consider the overall creativity and inventiveness of your idea and its execution.
  • Ability to convey your unique vision: Last but certainly not least, the judges will consider how unique your idea is, and how effectively you brought your vision to life.

The AF100 hasn't compared favorably to its smaller sibling, but it's still a hell of a camera for the feature set, and some truly inspiring videos have been shot with it. What makes the Panasonic M4/3 line of cameras special is their adaptability to an ungodly amount of lenses - old and new.

So if you want to submit, register with their website and upload your videos. You'd better hurry if you want to get in on the action, as the deadline to submit is Wednesday, March 7th. The grand prize winner will also take home a Vocas Micro Four Thirds to PL adapter and the winner from each category will win a Vocas Mattebox and Rail system.

Link: Shoot It. Share It Competition - Panasonic

[via 2-pop]