5dmark3_front_real-224x146It seems we've now been treated to the first Canon 5D Mark III raw footage directly from the camera. EOSHD was the first to find this footage posted by Tõnis Liivamägi. Keep in mind that this footage is from a pre-production camera and is not necessarily indicative of final results, but at least we can start making some real conclusions about what this camera can and cannot do over the 5D Mark II. We've also got two other 5D Mark III videos embedded below. Here is the video and the description, but be sure to download it to get the real quality, instead of the embedded compressed version:

UPDATE: The video is no longer on Vimeo, but thanks to user Axel Wiczorke in the comments for pointing out that someone has uploaded it to YouTube:

This is the description beneath the video:

Make sure you view this with QuickTime player to witness the actual quality.
This is as random of a low-light, jello, moire and aliasing test as I could set up in few hours, texture wise at least :)..
Pure raw touch-and-go footage directly from a $30 16G low end CF card.
... hopefully no-one will be in such of a(n un)real ISO3600 situation with all those patterns around.
Notice how 3600 ISO kind of "bands" in the direction of camera movement when the worst of moire would have occured on the stapled grid screen.
This was shot at @ 50th of a second under pulsing fluorescent lights.
The in camera settings were set to "factory defaults" so there might be room for improvements.
Remember: this was shot hand held with 85mm lens to pronounce camera movement.

I loaded this footage into MediaInfo and was given the following stats about the raw file:


If you look at the MediaInfo stats you can see that the encoding is AVC High@L4.1 and the bitrate is 27.3mbps. I would have to assume that this footage is the IPB encoding format based on the low bitrate.

It's clear that moire and aliasing are greatly improved, otherwise they would be wreaking havoc on those patterns - but it looks like Canon kept to its word and virtually eliminated both of them. As far as resolution goes, I'm not sure, it seems like only a minor improvement over the 5D Mark II. From the sample it certainly doesn't seem like it's full 1080p resolution, but I won't pass judgement until I get my hands on a camera and do an actual resolution chart to see where the camera stands. The sample seems a little noisy in the dark areas, but we'll have to see if that's due to noise reduction being turned off.

We've also got other videos shot with the 5D Mark III, with the first being solely at ISO 5000. Thanks to user Mattbatt for the link:

Thanks to planet5D here is a music video with the 5D Mark III. This is from Jean-François Didelot.

Also another short piece from the same filmmaker and the same musician, thanks to Mike Lawson at Idiotscreen.

A third video from Jean-François Didelot:

My other points about the 5D Mark III still stand, and let's hope the resolution is really where we want it to be. I'm really looking forward to looking at the ALL-I codec and seeing what this camera can really do.

[via EOSHD and planet5D]