With Sony's recent decision to make the S-Log upgrade standard on new F3's, and some current owners wondering whether they should shell out $900 for it, there are a lot of folks wondering about just what they're getting with the upgrade.  With that in mind, Andy Shipsides, the Camera Technology Specialist at AbelCine, has wrapped up a 4-part series that goes over many of the upgrade's features -- including footage comparisons:

From comparing the dynamic range of the camera with and without S-log, to understanding how the in-camera look up tables (LUTs) can be used to preview footage with different looks, the series does a great job of explaining and showing just how useful the upgrade is.  Just look at how the details on his forehead magically appear in this demonstration:

The series also goes into how you can edit and create your own custom LUTs -- pretty handy if you're a DP trying to give the director a rough sense of how the footage will look in post while on-set.

As someone who doesn't own an F3, and hasn't gotten a chance to play with one, I found this all pretty informative.  The Sony F3 is a pretty great camera out of the box, but with the S-log you're getting a whole lot more.  I may not get a chance to own one any time soon, but at least I'll have a better understanding of just what I can do with it if I rent it.  For all 4 parts of the series check the links below.

Do you own a Sony F3?  Has the S-log upgrade impacted how you shoot?  Share below!


[via AbelCine]