On the left is a brand new shot of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 running on...Mac OS 6? Conan's editors are back again after their Final Cut Pro X video, which fairly or unfairly poked fun at the fact that Apple abandoned years of development and started over from scratch, forcing many people to relearn the new software or abandon ship. It looks like the editors over at Conan have done the latter.

Conan O'Brien's editors talking about the next version of the Adobe suite of programs, CS6:

Now there isn't actually a John Adobe (yes I immediately looked that up even though it's clearly a joke), but one of the founders of Adobe is John Warnock (so close enough I guess).

Adobe is trying to transition right into the spot Apple has now left vacant because of major software changes and incompatibilities. Whichever side of the fence you're on, it's obvious that Apple is less concerned with professionals than they used to be - evidenced by the 1.0 version of Final Cut Pro X not having many of the necessary features professionals and post-houses use on a daily basis. Apple has rarely been a company to offer what people want - more often they create a product and then that product becomes a necessity. It might already be too late for Apple, because Premiere has pounced on the negative feedback and is pushing hard to be the editor of choice for many professionals (behind Avid). Walter Murch, a huge proponent of Final Cut Pro, has possibly edited his last film on an Apple editing application. We've got a long way to go - but it's certainly possible that with Apple's enormous reserves, and it's goal of popularity/accessibility, that we could all be back editing with their software ten years from now.

Since we are on the topic of Apple, here's another Conan bit, this time on the iPad 3:

Link: #JOHNADOBE - Vimeo & TeamCoco iPad 3 - YouTube