Adobe Creative CloudAfter the software-only version was made available earlier in the week, Adobe Creative Cloud CS6 is live starting today. If the cost of owning this software has been prohibitive for you in the past, Adobe is finally allowing you to "rent" on a month-to-month or yearly basis. If you've never purchased the software in the past, the best deal is their plan that charges $50 per month for a year contract. If you just want to try it out on a month-to-month basis, it will be a little more expensive at $75 per month. If you are upgrading, they are doing a special promotion for $30 per month for the first year.

In our other post, we've already shown off some of the individual programs, but here what is specific to Creative Cloud:

You can still purchase or upgrade the suites in all of the normal ways, but Creative Cloud has some distinct advantages -- with the main one for a lot of people being cost. Buying the entire Master Collection is a big cash-flow problem for some people, so the lower up-front costs of the Creative Cloud option should be very enticing.

All of the links to the different options are available below. If you want to get in on the upgrade path with Creative Cloud, you've got until August 31st for the special deal at $30/month.