Adobe-cs6-launch-preorder-224x224Adobe Creative Suite 6 is now available. For filmmakers, the bundle of interest is Production Premium CS6, which includes: a redesigned Premiere Pro, Speed Grade for color grading, the new log and ingest application Prelude, new versions of After Effects and Audition, and Creative Cloud integration. Creative Cloud is scheduled to launch May 11th, and will give you access to all CS6 apps for $50/month -- or $30/month for the first year if you're a registered user of any Adobe product since CS3 and use this link by August 31 (that's 40% off). The new Premiere Pro integrates some speed-focused features borrowed from Apple's much-maligned Final Cut Pro X, including "hoverscrub," which was one of my favorite FCPX features; here's a look at the new version of Adobe's NLE.

Production Premium will be retailing at $1899, and if you want it all, the Master Collection will be going for $2,599. Subscriptions are available for Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Speed Grade, Photoshop, and others for $19.99/month per app -- but what I'll probably be doing is going with the one-year plan for $29.99/month once Creative Cloud launches at the end of this week.

Also of note, the video apps have gotten a new third party API for hardware integration – Adobe Mercury Transmit – which should allow broadcast video monitoring to connect directly into the Mercury Playback Engine via third-party cards from AJA, Blackmagic Design and Matrox. As Apple's Final Cut Pro X goes a different direction and tries to bundle all functionality into the app itself, Adobe seems to be stressing the "Pro" part with more hardware support. Speaking of which, their purchase of Iridas' SpeedGrade now brings a full high-end color-correction suite to CS6, though the purchase was so recent I wonder how integrated the application is. Here's a look at the Adobe-branded version of SpeedGrade, included in CS6:

Are you in for CS6? If so, will you be going to old-fashioned way or the newfangled subscription route? Have you been using the beta? Let us know your thoughts!


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