This is the very last video I did at NAB just before the show closed, and Dennis Wood of Cinevate showed off all of their exciting products, including a complete cine kit for the FS100 that bolts to the camera in a similar way as the Zacuto FS100 rig. He also gave a walk-through of their Axis jib, which is designed to be mobile and simple to assemble. If timelapse is your thing, and you've already got a Cinevate slider, they are partnering with DitoGear to add timelapse functionality.

Dennis Wood from Cinevate:

While $3000 might seem a little steep for the entire FS100 rig, that does include the follow focus and mattebox as well, so the actual cost of the rig is a lot less if you piece it together from parts you already have. The design that Cinevate has used for the mount should be extremely sturdy, to the point where only the heaviest of lenses should need extra rod support. I particularly like that the mount features collimation, so you can perfectly set the back focus, especially if you're having trouble getting true infinity.

The Dromos Hi-Hat is pretty interesting, and even though it may not be as versatile as the Induro Hi-Hat, it's still handy for getting the camera sturdy in a lot of difficult places.

Link: Cinevate