You don't always need a hi-hat, but when you do, you really need it. Hi-hats are great for low angle shots or when you need a traditional tripod head but don't have the room to maneuver long legs. At NAB this yearInduro introduced an innovative hi-hat that can not only withstand over 200 lbs., but has feet with holes that allow it to be mounted almost anywhere. I talked with Louie Lu about the hi-hat.

Louie Lu from MAC Group:

This is one of those products that has actual production people in mind when it is being designed. Not only can this guy take literally any camera that's currently being produced, but it has an accessory arm for all sorts of different purposes. The mounting options for this hi-hat are endless, and if the proper suction cup adapters could be developed for the feet, I could see this being a great car mount. What's interesting about this product is that the design actually came out of having to support long lenses for stills shooting - so if you wanted to use it for that purpose it would certainly do the job.

The Induro DR Hi-Hat LFB100s will be released sometime this year and will retail for $280.

Link: Induro