Tvlogic-displays-e1335971541316TVLogic, a well-known display maker, introduced a few new products at the 2012 NAB show and I was at their booth to check some of them out. They've also developed and designed a "retina display" EVF which uses the same LCD screen that Apple uses for the iPhone 4S. I had a chance to speak with Wes Donahue from TVLogic and Karel Suërs from Alphatron about their products.

Wes Donahue from TVLogic:

The larger displays from TVLogic were very nice, but of course, that always comes with a catch - they're all very expensive. TVLogic's lower-end models are certainly in the affordable range, with the 5.6" VFM-056W display sporting the same LCD panel and 1280 x 800 resolution as the DP6 from SmallHD. That display runs a little over $1000. The new LVM-074W 7" display runs a hair over $2,500, so that's a big step up, but for the amount of features they've packed inside, it actually compares very favorably to other professional displays out there.

Karel Suërs from Alphatron:

As for the Alphatron EVF-035W-3G, the display is really something you've got to see in person, since they are using the exact same display that Apple is using for the iPhone 4S, which comes in at 960 x 640 (on a side note that also means there's a good chance that Apple will be moving to a larger screen since they usually don't allow other companies to use their displays for a period of time). The EVF is one of the better values for the money out there (at $1395) when it comes to viewfinders, since it features complete pass-through of HDMI and HD-SDI. Basically, if you put HDMI in one side it will spit out HD-SDI on the other, and vice versa. This means that you don't need any other devices like the Connect from Atomos to run a second display or EVF from camera output.

Links: Alphatron Website & TVLogic Website