The FS700 is expected to start shipping in less than a month, and as we await the flood of beautiful slow-mo videos that will surely come in its wake, Philip Bloom has recently put up his review of the camera -- yes, slow-mo abilities are featured, but Bloom also looks at other important factors such as low light sensitivity and ergonomic considerations.  You might be weighing whether you want to buy this camera over the FS100, or perhaps you're a current FS100 owner wondering if the FS700 is an upgrade.  Bloom offers answers to these questions and more:

First, the obligatory slow-mo test footage:

In the spirit of that footage, the first part of Bloom's review focuses on the camera's slow-mo abilities -- highlighting the mechanics of recording in high frame rates (i.e buffering, and how the camera allows you to pick what you want to save or discard):

[vimeo The second part of the review gets into juicier territory (only in that it has been less covered by folks previously demonstrating the camera): how does the camera handle low light?  How does the footage cut with footage from the FS100?  What are the pros and cons of the camera? expand=1 site_id=26256498]

For Bloom's full review, go here.  There's lots of food for thought for anyone hoping to get their hands on one of these in the near future, so definitely check it out and let us know what you think!

[via Philip Bloom]