The FS700 has dominated much of the camera buzz in the couple of weeks heading into NAB, and with the early announcement comes early footage.  Last week we posted the official launch film that excerpted a number of test shorts shot by various DP's with a pre-production FS700, and over the past week the full shorts have been coming on-line.  These tests by Peter Prevec, James Miller, and Den Lennie/James Tonkin, show off just what the camera can do with a variety of subjects -- from dirt bike races, to samba dancers to birds flying against the sun's light.  Throw in a balloon murdering test by Andy Shipsides and you've got plenty to compare and contrast:

This first short is from Peter Prevec.  I think it does a great job of showing off the camera's potential for sporting events and other similar shoots.  For more information on the short, along with Prevec's thoughts on the camera's build and features, check out his post about it.

This second short is from DP Den Lennie of F-Stop Academy and Director James Tonkin of Hangman Studios.  It really demonstrates the kind of dream-like sequences you can create with the camera's slow-mo capabilities.  You can find a behind the scenes video here.

In this third short James Miller (in collaboration with Tonkin and Lennie) really tries to push the camera's dynamic range, often shooting against the sun.  As Lennie commented in a recent Q&A about the FS700, recent tests he conducted on the FS100 showed that camera to have roughly 11.5 stops of latitude, and he thought the FS700 probably had more.  Watch for the birds flying over the river, which Lennie noted they were able to pull out of highlight details:

I'm still waiting on that creepy candle-lit video by Gavin Elder, but in the meantime here's Andy Shipsides' test of the FS700's slow mo capabilities:

All in all, every tester really tried to show off  the camera's slow-mo features, but I think another important takeaway is just the variety of  ways in which you can use said features, and how well the camera operates in a range of situations.  It would have been great to see some more night shoots, to get a sense of how well it performs in low light conditions.  Hopefully we'll get to see those tests, along with more great footage in the coming weeks and months.

So what'd you think?  Is the camera living up to the hype?  What other kind of camera tests are you hoping to see?